Hex nut is a very common nut

Those who are familiar with nuts know that there are many types of nuts, such as square nuts, round nuts, ring nuts, wing nuts, hexagon nuts, and so on. Then the common hex nut is on the market. Why is the hex nut often used? See what Chen is saying.

Hexagonal nuts are the crystallization of continuous practice among working people in production and life.

First, the hexagonal shape of the nut is for ease of use. On the machine, the nuts are sometimes not sufficiently affluent, and the nut wrench space is quite small. The hexagonal nut, which only needs to be turned by 60 degrees at a time, can slowly tighten the nut, and the nut needs to be turned 90 degrees each time. In other words, in order to tighten the nut, the hexagonal shape is smaller, but the octagonal nut is easy to slip due to its small contact surface with the wrench. It is rarely used, so the hexagonal nut is convenient to use. Look at the spanner again. The handle and the spanner of an ordinary spanner can be angled by 30 degrees, so that when the nut is installed in a very narrow place and the spanner is not free to move, the hex nut is just a wrench to pull a nut. Turn the spanner upside down and pull the nut once again, so that the nut can be tightened by repeatedly pulling it back and forth several times.

Second, the hexagonal nuts are used to maximize the use of materials. Because from the strength point of view, large nuts are stronger than small ones. In the past, nuts were generally milled out of round material. The same round bar uses it to make hexagon nuts rather than to use nut materials. The hex nut, which is tall and made with a round bar of the same thickness, is much larger than the square nut.

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