General rules for the operation of various types of coal mining

Article 1 is a mine coal mining systems engineering main process, which includes off the coal, coal loading, coal, support, transference, and top and back Zhu seven step roadway maintenance. Therefore, this type of work must be carried out for each type of work that is performed in the coal mining face and the mining roadway.

Article 2 Personnel operating and directing production at the coal mining face must learn and strictly implement the relevant provisions of the “Safety Regulations for Coal Mines”, state-owned key coal mines, the landlord’s Zhiying Coal Mine, and the township coal mines “Production Mine Quality Standardization Standards”. The working procedures of this working face and the operating procedures of the corresponding types of work, and passed the examination, can hold the job if they hold the certificate, otherwise the above work is not allowed.

Article 3 New workers who pass the examination or those who temporarily participate in coal mining must be operated under the guidance of experienced old workers. After a certain period of practice, they are allowed to operate independently.

Article 4 The operators of each type of work must attend the pre-class meeting to understand the work situation and accept the task; before going down the well, they must wear complete labor protection clothing and supplies, and must enter the work surface with necessary tools, materials, spare parts, accessories, etc.; After working or working, you must carefully check the environment, top floor, coal gang, goaf, gas, support and other facilities within the scope of work, hand over the shift according to regulations, properly handle unsafe hidden dangers and existing problems.

Article 5 The operators of each type of work shall operate in accordance with the operating procedures and the quality requirements of the engineering specifications. It is necessary to strictly follow the order of operations and not to change them without authorization. It is also necessary to learn the safety technical regulations and operational knowledge of both types of work, and to perform part-time work when qualified. Otherwise, no one has the right to direct unqualified personnel to operate.

Article 6 During the operation, it is necessary to pay attention to the changes of the operating objects and the environment at any time, and the problems must be properly handled in time.

The following provisions shall be observed in the operation of Article 7:

1. If the gas concentration in the return flow of coal mining face is 1% or the concentration of carbon dioxide exceeds 1.5%, it must stop working and withdraw personnel; if there is any personnel; in case of other circumstances, it should be carried out in accordance with Article 143 of the “Safety Regulations for Coal Mines”;

2. When the working face of the coal mining face and the working surface motor or its switch site within the range of less than 20 meters, the gas concentration must reach 1.5%, the work must be stopped, the power supply should be cut off, and the treatment should be carried out;

3. In the coal mining face, when the volume of the gas is more than 0.5% cubic meter and the local gas concentration reaches 2%, the nearby 20 meters must stop working, evacuate the personnel, cut off the power supply, and process.

Article 8 The coal mining face must stop working in the following abnormal situations. The personnel shall be evacuated to a safe place and reported to the higher level. After the safety is confirmed by the treatment, the work shall be resumed.

1. The top surface of the working face is significantly pressed, resulting in a large number of damages and serious roofing;

2. The wind volume changes suddenly and the wind direction changes;

3. The air suddenly becomes hot or cold;

4. The starting limit of harmful gases has an odor;

5. The air humidity and fog suddenly increased, and the amount of water and water inflow from the coal gang and the top floor suddenly increased.

Article 9 When the work of this type of work is related to the operator of the adjacent post, it must be contacted in advance, and it can only be operated if it is confirmed that it does not affect his safety.

Article 10 The types of workers who are not affiliated with the operation project shall not be allowed to arbitrarily operate or transfer equipment, facilities, pipelines and supports of such operation scope.

The use of the 11th working face, the use of the channel to shut down the start and stop signal will always be carried out. If the drive is shut down for a long time, the conveyor signal should be issued after detailed inspection and confirmation of safety.

Article 12 Workers have the right to refuse illegal command.

Article 13 This regulation is mainly based on the operation methods of various types of work in longwall coal mining face. A basic, generally adopted method of inclusion in the method of operation of this protocol. Due to the different specific conditions and conditions of each coal mine, this regulation is not likely to include all types of work and various special conditions of operation procedures, and each unit should also formulate detailed rules for the implementation of operational procedures that meet their specific conditions. Executed after approval by the Mining Bureau, but cannot violate this regulation.

Article 14 This regulation is carried out by the Production Deputy Bureau and the Mine Manager.

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While Oxygen Depletion System can above dangers and promise safe operation in unvented space. It will cut off the energy source so that gas appliance stop working to assure personal safety once oxygen content arrives the level 18.5%-19.5% and carbon dioxide content arrives the level 0.8%-1.5%.

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