LED large screen wireless connection (IPAD) control method

With the continuous development of economic technology, the control mode of led large screen is also constantly changing. From the conventional manual on-site computer operation to wireless remote operation, the control of led display screen becomes more and more convenient, and the wireless screen control is being Slowly integrate into people's lives. The iPad has evolved from an entertainment device to a digital wireless control LED display large screen system platform, and iPad control display large screen technology has arrived. So, how to use the iPad to achieve wireless on-screen?

In general, the traditional control panel mode requires a lot of supporting facilities, such as desktop computers, video processors, audio switchers, professional digital high-definition video switchers, video wireless receivers, etc., if you want to implement the wireless screen function. To achieve wireless on-screen, related facilities need to be used together, and the overall cost is high.

The AoPai wireless control panel system independently developed by Lianshuo Optoelectronics realizes the wireless remote control led display with iPad. This mode is free from the one-way picture and video transmission of the traditional fixed computer control tablet, replacing many devices. The Lianshuo wireless control panel system can not only control the LED screen as you like, but also control the projector, LCD, PDP splicing screen, DLP and other screens. It has been widely used in hotels, villas, clubs, monitoring, command and other fields. .
In the process of use, only need to connect the AuPad central controller to the big screen, then connect the iPad and the central controller to the same WIFI (that is, under the same control LAN), after which the user can control through the control. Led big screen, and achieve the same content of the iPad content and led large screen content wireless.
The Lianshuo wireless control screen system can realize a variety of picture playback modes, one screen multi-screen display, support for adding subtitles, virtual keyboard and other functions, remote wireless one-button control of volume and brightness. The powerful Ao Pai brings more convenience to the wireless control led large screen, allowing people to enjoy the perfect color of the display, but also enjoy the cool control and experience of wireless high technology.

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