Automatic insect detection light helps the quality of the crop industry

The quality of the planting industry needs to be improved, and it needs to be optimized from all aspects. Regarding the goal of green development, the agricultural field is the most important area for upgrading and development. Plant protection work bears an important responsibility to ensure the safety of crop growth, but traditional plant protection operations, such as pest control, often guarantee high yields at the expense of the environment. With the development of agricultural modernization, the planting industry has now proposed a new goal of reducing drugs and controlling pollution, increasing production and quality, and increasing production in agriculture. Under this background, the application of new plant protection equipment such as automatic insect detection lamps to carry out green plant protection has become a new development trend.

Automatic insect test light

The automatic insect detection lamp is a professional instrument for monitoring and early warning of pests and diseases in plant protection instruments. It is based on the principle of insect phototaxis, and is used to collect and kill pests and diseases. The automatic insect detection lamp has functions such as automatic insect trapping, insecticidal and collection. The application and promotion in the crop industry can not only effectively and effectively improve the ability of pest prevention and monitoring, but also provide accurate and timely forecasting services for farmers. It can also improve the scientific prevention and control level of pests and diseases, realize scientific use of drugs, and reduce the use of pesticides. Pest and disease hazards, to ensure the safety of crop growth, to achieve the goal of increasing production and quality. Using instruments to strengthen pest and disease monitoring and early warning can not only reduce artificial pressure, but also accurately monitor the dynamics of pests and diseases through technical means, provide rapid support for plant protection departments, and provide scientific support for prevention and control measures, help to accurately guide pest and disease control, and assist crop production. Quality improvement.

Green prevention and control achievements are good for tea, and the development of fruit and vegetable tea industry needs green ecological environment support. The plant protection instrument system such as automatic insect detection lamp promotes the upgrading of plant protection technology, and provides a “green barrier” for the safe growth of crops with green prevention and control technology, which not only reduces the pest damage, but also avoids the occurrence of major pests and diseases, and improves the ecology. The environment has promoted the green development of the crop industry and created visible benefits.

CONNECT main Rendering Processing Equipment including the Batch Cooker , dryer, CONNECT SUPPER cooker & dryer, fat press, oil processing equipment.

Batch Cooker
Basic structure and working principle
The Connect Batch cooker is the latest developed new type of Hydrolysis Tank, it combines normal temperature hydrolysis, high temperature sterilization, rapid drying in one.
The structure including jacketed shell, hollow rotor, dual head,sealing sea, feed in and out, power unit and other components. Raw material which including feather, animal fur, dead birds, animal carcasses, etc. feed through the inlet, it minced by rotator and hydrolysis by normal temperature, and then sealed to raise the temperature up to 12 00 ℃ to sterilize. At the same time breaking down the feather keratin molecule chain for increasing its protein absorption rate. According to the requirements of the new products to grasp pressure and time to discharge steam into drying stage. The fast drying is proceed by shell where filled with steam or high temperature thermal oil in jacket and hollow rotor.

Waste Rendering Plant
Our Rendering Plant For Poultry to cook and sterilize the waste, and sophisticated barometric sprays to scrub all the foul smelling gases emanating during the cooking of the bird waste. Poultry waste rendering plants are indispensable in any Poultry dressing operation. They render and convert all the non-edible Poultry waste parts into a sterilized meat meal.

Our digestor based technology has been put to treat 3 different kinds of waste -

1. Hatchery waste - egg shells, unhatched eggs, rejected embryos, etc. This waste is converted into Hatchery meal.

2. Layer Manure - Manure collected under the cages of layer birds in commercial poultry layer farms. This waste is converted into an organic fertilizer.

3. Slaughterhouse waste - Left over, non-edible portions of the chicken such as Head, feet, intestines, feathers, etc. from chicken processing. This waste is converted into a Meat and Bone meal.

Rendering Processing Equipment

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