Freeze-dried fruit and vegetable products deep processing project put into production

In the Hami High-tech Development Zone, a deep processing project for freeze-dried fruit and vegetable products of a food company has been put into production. According to relevant personnel, in the trial production stage, the company has carried out research and development on freeze-dried products of fruit and vegetable products such as jujube, cantaloupe, mulberry and apricot in Hami. After that, it will also purchase agricultural and sideline products such as cantaloupe, grapes and red dates in combination with local superior resources to freeze and process fruits and vegetables.

Nowadays, with the continuous development of freeze-drying equipment, freeze-dried foods have begun to quietly enter people's lives, such as freeze-dried fruit slices, freeze-dried instant soup, freeze-dried dehydrated seafood and vegetables. Freeze-dried foods do not contain any additives. They are ideal nutrients and healthy natural foods. They can be stored at room temperature for more than 5 years without preservatives.

At present, there is a vacuum freeze dryer on the market that can be used for lyophilization of fruits and vegetables. Freezing and drying under vacuum conditions can not only maintain a complete product shape, but also make the fruit and vegetable foods have a crisp taste and can also be used in foods. Color, aroma, taste, and nutrients are retained as much as possible, and the shelf life of food is effectively extended.

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