Construction measures for adding, shrinking and changing grooves of scraper conveyor

Before construction, it is necessary to clarify the person in charge of construction, the person in charge of safety, the person in charge of technology, and the person in charge of power transmission.

First, preparations:

1. Before the construction, the work should be emptied open, and the floating coal and sundries around the chute should be added, shrunk, and replaced, and the unit should be placed in a place that does not affect the work.

2. When using the work to chute the chute, the two must simultaneously watch the two latching keys alternately forward, and at the same time work at a low speed and have a special person to monitor the chute.

3. Prepare intact maintenance tools, lifting tools (capacity must meet load requirements), and spare parts that meet the requirements.

4. When transporting at the end of the return airway, the track must be unblocked to ensure that the new large pieces can pass smoothly. When replacing the column, the principle of first support and back should be strictly implemented, and the anti-falling rope should be timely.

5. Before the construction, it is necessary to stop the power transmission, stop the group, work slip, transfer the switch power supply, hang up the power card, and set up special care.

6, before the personnel enter the coal to help the operation, you must first knock on the top of the question, the bracket to play the anti-chip help board, coal to help the post. When the bracket is not connected to the top, it is necessary to connect the small material to the top, and set up a special person to view the top.

Second, the lifting and transport of the object:

1. The lifting and transporting of the objects is strictly in accordance with the “Safety Technical Measures for Object Lifting” in the general maintenance measures for fully mechanized mining.

2. When transporting back wind lanes, it is necessary to strictly implement the requirements of “Safety Measures for Transportation of Objects within 50 Meters of Working Face Return Wind”.

3. Before the lifting, it is necessary to check the integrity of the lifting tool by the special person. During the lifting process, it is strictly forbidden to extend any part of the body into the lifting object and set a special person to guard.

Third, dismantling and installation:

1. Strictly implement the "tightening, solution and chain safety measures of scraper conveyor" when tightening, solving and connecting work;

2. Adding, shrinking and changing chutes shall strictly implement the "Safety Technical Measures for Scraper Transporter and Crusher Inspection";

3. It is necessary to remove the eight-character ring, the coal-blocking plate connecting screw and the cable trough splint at the adding, shrinking and changing slots, and lift the cable and water pipe to protect it. It is necessary to use the guide chain to pull the machine head, the tail of the machine, or use a single column to operate the method to open the chute, and use the guide chain to lift the old tank and hang it into the new tank.

4. When adding or changing the chute, the bottom chain should be inserted into the chute in advance. After the good position, the chute should be exchanged with the single or hanging chain. After the exchange, the eight-character ring and the coal-blocking plate should be connected. The cable trough splint and other timely resets are complete and meet the requirements of the standard.

5. Finally, connect the bottom and the upper chain, and use the tight chain method or the single column top to make the groove joint, so as to achieve the normal operation.

6. Then return the old slot to the tail of the car and load it with the guide chain.

Fourth, security technical measures:

1. Before the construction, it is necessary to maintain the top plate within the working range. When it is found that there is a piece of help, it is necessary to lay a good help column and back the good help. It is strictly forbidden to work under the empty top.

2. The work of stopping the transmission of electricity should strictly implement the “Regulations on the Management of Underground Power Transmission and Discharge”, and the person in charge of power transmission and dispatch should be instructed and operated. During the operation, the work slip switch must be power-off locked, and the power card should be suspended and guarded by a special person.

3, immediately, when connected, melting, strictly enforce the "scraper conveyor tight, then, melting safety technology", stressed the importance of the bracket 10 # iron wire toggled by a full-time maintenance stand when using single column Work remotely.

4. When lifting the chute, strictly implement the “Safety Technical Measures for Lifting Objects”, and use a small sliding chain of not less than 40T to hoist, and fix it with screws and horseshoes, and be operated by experienced full-time scaffolding maintenance workers.

5. When using the unit to pull the chute, it is necessary to strictly implement the “Safety Technical Measures for Pulling Objects of the Unit”, emphasizing that the unit should be operated by the full-time unit maintenance personnel.

6. When using a single column to cut the chute, it must be fixed firmly and slowly. The personnel must be evacuated to a safe place 5 meters away. The full-time bracket maintenance personnel should perform remote operation to avoid the direction of the single column. The monomer column must be bolted with 10# wire.

7. During the replacement process, it is forbidden to put the hands and feet into the joints, to prevent the touchers from touching the feet, and to wear protective gear.

8. When lifting the object in the return airway, the nut must be smashed onto the thread with a special lifting device, and it is strictly prohibited to hang on the steel belt for lifting.

9. The transportation of the return air from the cut-off range of 50 meters strictly implements the “Safety Technical Measures for the Transportation of 50 Meters of Return Air and Cut Eyes”. Only rail transportation is allowed, and other methods are not allowed.

10. After the replacement, everything is ready, after the construction person in charge checks and confirms that it is correct, the test drive is uniformly ordered. When the test is found, the chain must be tightly closed in time to ensure normal operation.

11. Other strict implementation of the "Mechanical Operation Regulations for Comprehensive Mining and Mechanical Engineering", "Safety Technical Measures for Comprehensive Inspection of Mechanical and Electrical Equipment for Comprehensive Mining" and the relevant provisions of "Working Standards for Jobs".

Fourth, the overhaul is completed, trial run:

1. Clean up the tools and remove all debris;

2. After the inspection by a special person, the test can be started.

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