Salt enters cancer cells and induces apoptosis

Research on cancer cells has attracted many scientists. At present, scientists have invented a new technology to deal with cancer cells. By injecting saline, cancer cells can destroy themselves. Researchers at the University of Southampton and some international teams have created a molecule that carries sodium and chloride ions, enters cancer cells and destroys them. The transport of synthetic ions has been reported in previous studies, but this is the first demonstration of the death of cells after salt enters cells. These synthetic ion transporters can be used for directed cancer treatment.
Prof. Philip Gail, a researcher at the University of Southampton, said: "This work shows how chloride and sodium ions can be transported into the cell membrane." In human cells, the cell membrane maintains a stable internal and external ion concentration. And if this delicate balance is destroyed. It will cause apoptosis, that is, the cell itself adopts a mechanism of programmed cell death, thereby eliminating the adverse effects that the cells will bring. One of the ways to solve cancer cells is to trigger self-destructive procedures by changing the ion balance in the cells.
Unfortunately, when cells become cancerous, their way of transporting ions through the cell membrane changes, and normal methods fail to achieve apoptosis. Researchers have overcome this by developing synthetic molecules that are used to transport ions, but they also have the same problem of apoptosis in normal cells, so further research is needed if one wants to use it to treat cancer. However, this study gives new directions for the selection of substances for the treatment of cancer.

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