Lamp retail market weakens e-commerce market

Channel construction is an eternal topic in the LED lighting industry. The channel is not accessible to the channel. The pain of the company is such that we listen a lot and its importance is self-evident. LED lighting channels are undergoing a non-reproducible evolution from traditional wholesale, retail, engineering to experience stores, e-commerce, we can see that the traditional channels can not meet the development of the LED market. This year, LED lighting channels have a different scene, the retail channel has been degraded from waiting to wait; the number of optical experience stores has increased day by day, but it has become a consumer's fitting shop; the e-commerce boom has caused controversy in the industry; the role of invisible channels has become increasingly prominent: the selling plan is coming The more fashionable. The increase in retail weakening experience stores When reporters visited the lighting market, they found that compared with last year, the retail functions of major lighting stores and physical stores have gradually weakened this year, and the light experience has gradually increased. Take the Chengdu lighting market as an example, wholesale, retail, and engineering have been in a state of three-legged status, and this year's biggest change is retail sales. In the past years, retail has occupied a very important position in the lighting market, and there are many dealers engaged in retailing. Of course, most lighting stores exist in the wholesale and retail mode. At the end of this year, the number of retail outlets was significantly reduced. Retail dealers generally complained that the business was not good, and now they focus on wholesale and engineering. We mainly do retail. There are no specialty stores and experience stores in Sichuan. Generally, we choose Opus and NVC dealers to cooperate and have extended the channels to the third and fourth-tier markets. Retail is also looking for areas, and some areas have better retail sales, and some stores have to be eliminated if they simply cannot be sold. Retail has little advantage in terms of price, mainly relying on the quality of products. Wang Shengyu, director of marketing for Ju Neng LED, said. Retail sales are weakened, and instead, there are more and more optical experience stores in the lighting city, and the number of optical experience centers such as Philips, Op, NVC and Osram is increasing. In the second half of the year, there were more than 20 experience stores in Chengdu's lighting market, and the experience store has become a consumer's offline fitting shop. Now consumers are popular to buy clothes first in the physical store to try the size, look at the quality, and then go online to buy. The same is true for the lighting industry. Many consumers go to the store to see the style, see the light effect and then buy the product online. The sales staff of the lighting store said that in addition to the fixed customers, customers who came to see the products in the store only accounted for 20 orders at the time, and 30 of them chose to buy them back. Most of them were left to look at. For physical stores, the price of retail LED products is still high, consumers will choose to buy online. Therefore, an important factor in the weakening of retail sales is the impact of e-commerce. The rise of e-commerce creates new opportunities. Guan Rongfu, director of the Optoelectronics Marketing Department, said that in the next few years, e-commerce channels will gradually replace traditional dealers and complete the circulation of conventional consumption. Rising store rents and labor costs have plagued dealers, and e-commerce has had a serious impact on some form of business, especially retail channels. It is expected that more brands will join the e-commerce channel in the next three years, and the opportunities will be concentrated in the past 2-3 years. The record of the double eleven LED lighting industry is obvious to all, and the opportunity of e-commerce has become more and more transparent. Both traditional lighting and emerging LEDs are scrambling to test water and electricity suppliers. The sales of Opto's double eleven let us remember that it is not only double eleven, but the sales of Opal's e-commerce in the first three months of the double eleven are very good. Some LED ceiling lamps, downlights, ceiling lamps, and bedroom lamps have monthly sales of more than 3,500 pieces, while the official flagship store of OUpu has 281 products, and the total sales volume is also very optimistic. As the price of LED products continues to decline, the prices of online and offline products are shrinking, and the future advantages of e-commerce will gradually weaken. LED e-commerce is just a good start this year. According to industry insiders, the explosion of LED e-commerce is concentrated in the next two or three years. This is an indispensable opportunity for some emerging LED brands. It can't compete with the offline channels of traditional lighting, but it can win a game online. Focus on creativity without specialization Whether it is an online store or a physical store, this year's LED products have made great efforts in terms of design, light efficiency, comfort, etc., following consumer preferences, with stylish appearance and comfortable lighting. The effect, so the invisible channel is getting more and more attention. In an interview, designer Cao Chuan double told reporters that in the LED industry, the potential of designer channels is huge, both traditional lighting and emerging LED companies should pay attention. Designer channels are not limited to lighting designers, but also include professional designers such as architecture, landscapes, and interiors. In the future, designers will play a greater role in all aspects of their professional capabilities, which is very important for manufacturers' brand promotion and product sales, so the industry chain of enterprises and designers needs to be integrated. Some dealers told reporters that creativity is the fresh blood of LED products, and brands that do not pay attention to creativity will eventually be eliminated. And creativity is not only the surface of LED products, but also the intelligent lighting, intelligent lighting, air purification lighting, etc., which are gradually proposed, are also important ideas supporting the industry. Taking home lighting as an example, many brands have set up an overall home lighting experience museum. The LED products are diversified in style, and the styles are constantly emerging. There are also advanced intelligent lighting systems. Professional applications or creative applications have become the mainstay of the brand. Except that the product is sold in a program that speaks of a brand, our first reaction is to think of its products. The product is important, but it is no longer the only one sold by the merchant. Especially for engineering companies, they sell more light environment solutions than products that are sold separately. The strength of Qinshang Optoelectronics is to do outdoor lighting. More than 800,000 LED street lights and tunnel lighting are used in engineering. We have a professional lighting design team, a business team with designers, and a portfolio of professional applications. Diligence not only sells products, but more importantly, LED lighting integrated application solutions. Guan Rongfu, director of Qinshang Optoelectronics Marketing Department, said. In addition to Qinshang Optoelectronics, Philips, NVC, Opp, etc. all have their own light environment solutions, engineering companies are also more and more focused on selling programs and no longer only sell products, this is the progress of sales, but also the concept progress.

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