Adhesive laser cutting machine into the market new favorite

A small sticker is often an important embodiment of the company's image and brand. It plays an important role in reflecting the quality of the product and inducing consumers' desire to purchase. Self-adhesive cutting program is constantly optimized. From manual, die cutting to laser cutting, how do we choose a self-adhesive laser cutting machine?

Self-adhesive label is also called self-adhesive label material. It is a kind of composite material with paper, film or special materials as the fabric, adhesive on the back, and silicon-coated protective paper as the backing paper. More and more industries such as packaging, merchandise, chemicals, logistics, medicine, and electronic appliances are applied to stickers. For example, drug packaging uses self-adhesive labels. With over-the-counter sales of over-the-counter drugs, pharmaceutical manufacturers and consumers place greater emphasis on packaging, which will, to a large extent, prompt drug manufacturers to accelerate the transition from traditional labels to self-adhesive labels. Today, self-adhesive label cutting solutions have also evolved from early manual cutting, die-cutting machines, and slitting machines to more advanced self-adhesive laser cutting machines for cutting.

The self-adhesive laser cutting machine, a laser cutting machine tailored for adhesive cutting, has driven the development of the logo industry, and is a typical example of laser in-depth daily life.

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Ttransform your interior control panel with a suave design and a sturdier grip

  • 2 pieces of sleek red AC climate control ring knob covers crafted with durable, high-quality anodized aluminum
  • Ribbed grooves transform your vehicle's plain interior and add a unique pop of color
  • Includes double-sided tape to add extra grip for the control ring covers on your dial knobs
  • This is an Cartrend Trademark Brand product

  • Upgrade your vehicle's plain interior with these AC climate control ring knob covers to add a punch of color and stylistic flair.

    These climate control rings are crafted with lightweight, yet durable anodized aluminum for a super slim fit and suave design.

    The ribbed design allows for a sturdy grip when you need to adjust the dials and exudes a presence unlike any other.
    To install the AC climate control rings, simply snap the rings into position around the knobs and watch as this simple installation completely transforms your car interior. Adding a luxurious look in your car has never been easier.

    Compatible Car Models:
    BMW 5 Series 7 Series cars without the word "auto"

    BMW Air Conditioning Knob

    Shenzhen Cartrend Technology Co, Ltd ,