A large amount of condensed water is produced during the compression of the air compressor

Equipped with an argon column, the molecular sieve is used for low temperature adsorption to obtain pure argon. After several years of operation, the set of equipment gradually has problems: (1) there are obvious leaks, and the cold argon tower cold damage is increased, resulting in the main tower liquid oxygen surface is always low, maintaining 20 to 28 mm for a long time, resulting in The working conditions fluctuate frequently; (2) In order to obtain more cooling capacity to maintain energy balance, the operation can only close the small fractionation tower section-1 valve to increase the outlet pressure of the air compressor, and the maximum working pressure of the air compressor is 219MPa. In the summer, the above problems are more acutely exposed: the condition of the crude argon column fluctuates due to the severe shortage of cold, and the lack of effluent in the adsorbent cannot be cooled to the working temperature, resulting in a product without argon, or The three-stage pressure of the press caused the machine to jump several times.

The main tower of the fractionation tower was replaced and put into production. It is an overdue equipment. The fractionation tower used in this update is an energy-saving product. Compared with the old tower, the number of upper towers has increased from 52 to 58. The heat exchanger is plate-finned. (The original tower is coiled), and some of the material ports are re-optimized. The model has low operating pressure, high heat exchange efficiency and long operating cycle. The air compressor adds an automatic steam trap. During the compression process of the air compressor, a large amount of condensed water is generated. If it is not discharged in time, it will be brought into the next stage of compression or brought into the purifier. For this reason, the air separator after each stage is blown off. An automatic steam trap is connected in parallel with the pipeline, so that the condensed water after compression by the air compressor is completely discharged. In this retrofit, a JZS-2F10 pre-cooler was added to reduce the temperature of the compressed air sent by the air compressor to 37e, further reducing the moisture in the air, improving the adsorption conditions of the purifier, and prolonging the adsorption cycle of the molecular sieve.

Petroleum Submersed Motor

The submersible motor is a three-phase motor and its rated revolution speed is 2850 RPM every minute at 50 HZ.

     The submersible motor is vertical suspended construction. It is airtight with oil-immersed, interior of the motor is completely filled with special lubricant as lubrication, insulation and thermal conduction.    Because the submersible motor is limited in varied wellhead, various series and sizes of the submersible motor are designed in order to meet requirements of different oil wells. It also can single, double or multiple sections tandem according to the different power.

     Our company can produce the submersible motor of 375 series, 456 series, 540 series, 562 series and 172 series of submersible motors. We can produce the anti-temperature Submersible pump which can resist 90℃.120℃ and 150℃ according to the requirement of customers.

Petroleum Submersed Motor

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