EU's LED power supply for China is bright "yellow card"

On August 29, 2014, the European Commission's Non-Food Rapid Alert System (RAPEX) issued a consumer warning on Chinese-made LED power supplies. The notified country in this case is Finland. The name of the LED power supply is WaterproofLEDPowerSupply. The power supply is packaged in a white carton. The electrical detailed parameters are: input voltage: 110-260V, 50Hz, 0.37~0.26A; output voltage: 12V, 3.7A, 45W, lkI, IP67. The model/model number of the product is 12V45WIP67/LNM-45, and the OECD Portal Category (OECD Portal Category) is 78000000 (electrical). The insulation performance of the LED power supply is unacceptable, and the creepage distance between the primary and secondary windings is insufficient. As a result, the user may receive an electric shock during use. This product does not comply with the requirements of the EU Low Voltage Directive and the relevant European standard EN61347. Currently, the Finnish authorities have taken mandatory measures to withdraw the market and recall the product.

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