Plaster mold box fills the technical gap of hollow floor of civil building type

Civil buildings can be divided into residential buildings and public buildings according to their functions. Residential buildings Residential buildings mainly refer to buildings that provide home and collective living. Such as houses, dormitories, villas, apartments and so on. Public buildings Public buildings mainly refer to buildings that provide people with various social activities. Including: a ) administrative office buildings: administrative offices, schools, factories and mines, etc.

Classified by the number of floors of the building: low-rise buildings: 1- to 3- story; multi-storey buildings: 4- to 7- storey; high-rise buildings: total height of 8+ -storey buildings: 24 ; super high-rise buildings: total height over 24 meters.

Classification according to the layout of the structure: 1. Frame structure: 2. Full shear wall structure 3. Frame - shear wall structure 4. Frame - tube structure

How to make a plaster mold

5, cylinder structure; 6 , frame support structure; 7 , beam floor structure.

The hollow floor mold box products produced by Superstar Co., Ltd. are thin-walled square boxes and honeycomb cores.

Hollow floor

Building plaster mold boxes, gypsum cavity mold boxes, and bamboo core molds just fill the gaps in the hollow floor materials needed for construction. Provide more flexibility for the construction of civil buildings. The company has offices and workshops throughout the country, with professional technical staff to guide how to make plaster boxes, as well as give construction advice and help.

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