Diligently "lighting replacement" wealth creation plan will be steadily advanced

On June 10th, Dongguan Qinshang Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. held a diligent lighting replacement plan and a new product launch conference at the China Import and Export Fair Complex. At the meeting, the company launched a new business model to replace the wealth creation plan and the new series of new products in 2014. It called on the engineering dealers to replace the golden beach head with the team.
Taking advantage of the trend, the introduction of innovative business models, the international and domestic energy saving and emission reduction has reached an unprecedented height, as a new green energy-efficient lighting source, LED instead of traditional lighting is the general trend. The United States, the United States, Japan, Brazil, Mexico and other countries are pushing forward the incandescent lamp elimination plan, and China is no exception.
Guangdong, Shanxi, Fujian and other provinces have issued clear policies for the comprehensive promotion of LED lighting applications, requiring the completion of LED lighting in the public lighting field by 2015, and Shaanxi, Sichuan, Zhejiang, Hebei, Guizhou and other provinces will also launch corresponding policies and vigorously promote LED lighting replacement. In the future, all new roads and new buildings in the city will basically adopt LED lighting. In addition, in the next few years, we believe that the engineering replacement market is the largest market for LED replacement of traditional light sources, and is expected to exceed the trillion scale. Li Xuliang, chairman of Qinshang Optoelectronics, said.
Grasping the development opportunities of the industry, diligently promoting the lighting replacement and wealth creation plan In order to quickly enter the lighting replacement market, diligently carry out business model innovation again, and launch the lighting replacement wealth creation plan.
Integrating resources and cooperating with partners to seize market opportunities In the fierce market competition, LED engineers and distributors often encounter high-quality products that are obstructed by acquisition projects, have difficulty in cash flow, and are difficult to find good quality and low price. The lack of mature applications and appropriate business cooperation models has led to missed good market opportunities.
As one of the earliest enterprises in the LED industry in China, Diligence has been committed to the research of applied technology. Through the organic integration of resources such as industry, university, research and research institutions, capital, talents, business models, market channels, etc., we are constantly innovating. Formed a three-dimensional core competitiveness, maintaining the industry's leading edge.
The introduction of the diligent lighting replacement Chuangfu plan is a greater resource integration of Qinshang Optoelectronics. We provide a free support for the cost-effective products, financial support, and a strong support platform to create a regular army to replace the LED lighting replacement market, to achieve dealers, owners, and three wins. It is reported that in this integration, we will innovate the EMC BT model to help the owners to carry out lighting renovation, so that the owners can enjoy the quality life brought by high-tech lighting with zero risk, zero investment and high return; launch a series of very powerful The cost-effective series of products has achieved the price that others can't do; introduced strategic partners such as China Southern Power Grid and Datang Telecom to provide strong financial services; provide business negotiation support, bidding support, lighting solution support, and wisdom for partners. Product support, business model support, financial support, quality and after-sales support, brand support and other one-stop services, collaborative partners quickly seize the market.
Innovative products, together with dealers to push the lighting to replace the inferior products with poor market development prices, do not dare to use engineering; conceptual laboratory products, the price is scary. Only the ultimate pursuit of engineering applications cost-effective products is the key to the success of the project.
Diligence adheres to the application of technological innovation, actively cooperates with domestic and foreign first-class scientific research institutes, and carries forward the leading edge in quality, technology and cost performance of outdoor products, enhances the level and quality of products, and strengthens the development of indoor products and landscape products. At this conference, Qin has launched 6 series of 36 different power segment outdoor products, guiding technology leading edge control system, 8 series of 54 new styles and 347 product specifications of commercial lighting products. Among them, the sun god series LED street light can achieve lower price than the similar products in the market, and the light bulb and efficiency are similar, and the Optimus series LED downlight suitable for medium and high-end engineering channels is under the same power. More efficient, more cost-effective; the main batch of zero channel of the bright series of LED bulbs, bracket lights, T5 tubes, downlights, ceiling lights, excellent performance, prices lower the industry bottom line.
The strong product line provides a strong guarantee for the engineering company, said the person in charge of Qinshang Optoelectronics. As long as the partners have rich and abundant resources, certain economic strength and strong entrepreneurial enthusiasm, the company will use the most complete product system, the most professional project operation team, the most stable product quality assurance, the highest specification project application experience and The most stable fund recovery guarantee, the most complete one-stop integrated solution, and the distributors to promote the development of the lighting replacement market.
In the industry breakthrough period, Qin continues to strengthen technological innovation and resource integration, accelerate the introduction of more cost-effective LED lighting products, further consolidate and expand the industry-leading advantages, and promote the large-scale application of the LED lighting industry. Chairman Li Xuliang said.

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