Advancing remanufacturing requires stepping on the road

Even if it is a profitable company, it will face many problems in advancing the remanufacturing process.

First, there are fewer sources of remanufacturable internal combustion engines. It is reported that the source of remanufactured raw materials of the company is currently divided into three parts. One is the product recycled through the reverse logistics system of the diesel engine company, and the other is the product returned from the diesel engine "Three Guarantees" maintenance, and some are from the small accident on the production line of the enterprise. The product. The source of these old pieces is far from meeting the production needs of enterprises. Jiang Boxing explained that at present, customers have already accepted the remanufactured products of Wuxi Dahao. Sometimes they will ask whether they have remanufactured products, but because of the limited availability of old parts, they lose a lot of opportunities. Li Feng expressed his approval. He explained that Weichai also had problems with insufficient supply of old parts. Lian Min believes that for the recycling of old parts is difficult, the state can adopt similar measures to stimulate the consumption of household appliances to the countryside to encourage the relevant users of internal combustion engine to update old products that are already inconsistent with the relevant laws and regulations of the country, so that the users begin to change from the concept, and thus activate Remanufacturing market.

In addition, there is a lack of market access mechanisms, lack of standardized management, inadequate support for related finances, taxes, and credit, and even policy barriers. There are constant doubts in the operation of the company. For example, the acquisition of old corporate resources has not yet been broken, and the revised draft of the Regulations on the Management of Recycling and Dismantling of Scrapped Vehicles has not yet been issued; the implementation plan for the remanufactured products “for trade-in and re-use” has not yet landed; the remanufactured products are subject to state taxation. There are no favorable policies for relief.

Dongfeng Cummins also proposed that it is hoped that the relevant government departments will study and formulate policies on the reduction and exemption of value-added tax for the circulation of remanufactured enterprises, and that the value-added tax for the return of old parts shall be permanently reduced. At the same time, they also proposed a series of measures such as expanding the range of subsidy for “replacement with old”, supporting the recycling of old parts, encouraging the government and state-owned enterprises to purchase remanufactured products.

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