Strong downstream demand for LED chip makers to accelerate production

With the continuous development of the LED lighting industry, the LED chip industry has made rapid breakthroughs. In 2014, driven by the strong demand in the downstream lighting market, the LED upstream chip industry grew rapidly. A number of LED chip companies are in a strategic layout, and Xiaobian simply organizes the recent chip makers' dynamics to attract readers.
Ganzhao Optoelectronics: Entering the blue-green field On April 29th, Ganzhao Optoelectronics held the 2013 annual performance briefing. Wang Xiangwu, the company's vice chairman and general manager, said that the company is the largest red-light epitaxial chip company in China. Decided to enter the blue-green LED epitaxial wafer and chip business, I believe the company will have broad prospects in the full-color field in the future.
Most of the startup teams of Ganzhao Optoelectronics are from Sanan. The main products of the two companies are LED epitaxial wafers and chips, but there are differences in the market segments. Ganzhao Optoelectronics has signed an agreement with Sanan Optoelectronics, stipulating that from April 2006, Ganzhao Optoelectronics will not produce blue-green LED chips within five years. According to the agreement, Ganzhao Optoelectronics will be able to produce blue-green LED chips in April 2011. Therefore, dry-light products are red and yellow LED epitaxial wafers and chips, while Sanan produces blue and green LED epitaxial wafers and chips.
One of the reasons why Ganzhao Optoelectronics has been unwilling to absent from the blue-green field is that one-third of the RGB package products in the display field belong to the red-light chip, and the other two-thirds belong to the blue-green chip. This means that the focus on the quaternary system, red and yellow light chip scale is already the first dry photoelectricity in mainland China. If you don't make blue-green light chips, you can only watch the blue-green light chip factory. Eat this market.
Now, Ganzhao Optoelectronics has announced that it will enter the field of blue-green LED epitaxial chip, which will reshape the LED display chip pattern and bring certain impact on the market share of competitors such as Huacan Optoelectronics, Sanan Optoelectronics and Silan Mingxin. .
Aoyang Shunchang: The subsidiary received a government subsidy of 15 million yuan on May 12, 2014. The company's subsidiary Huai'an Aoyang Shunchang Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. received the payment from Huai'an Qinghe District People's Government on May 9, 2014. The special subsidy for science and technology is 15 million yuan. The above subsidy is designated for the introduction of advanced epitaxial furnaces and related ancillary equipment, and is a government subsidy related to assets. Huai'an Aoyang Shunchang Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the production and sales of LED epitaxial wafers and chips.
Since 2013, the LED industry turning point has confirmed that the profitability of major LED companies has improved significantly. The acquisition of special subsidies for science and technology for the introduction of advanced epitaxial furnaces and related ancillary equipment is conducive to enhancing the future sustainable development capability of Huai'an Optoelectronics LED business, but it does not have a significant impact on the company's 2014 annual results.

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