Sixty-year old man and her daughter dwelling box car ten years

Sixty old man and her daughter dwelling box car ten years diesel generator | diesel generator price / 2013-01-07

Recently, the blogger "Yi Qi Mall" said on Tencent Weibo: "Too poor, who will help them. The crossroads of Mongolian Foreign Medical Hospitals in Inner Mongolia head south to the south, and in the west alley houses such an old man and a big box car. Ah, the girl is still in school." The Weibo has caused widespread concern among netizens. Yesterday, the reporter found the 60-year-old man living in the box car - Zhang Qingkai.
“My current wish is to make children grow up quickly.” Zhang Qingkai is the father of four children. The eldest daughter has never been with him since she was married. Her eldest son has committed suicide because he has not been admitted to university, and his second son is taken care of by his wife. Now only the youngest daughter lives with him in a box car that she has built. She lives for more than 10 years...
There is a lot of fate
According to Zhang Qingkai’s old man, he did not graduate from elementary school because he did not have a diploma, he studied electrical appliances at home, and later learned to be able to assemble the radio. At the age of 17, someone introduced him to a job and the old man went to work at the second casting and forging plant. Not long after, they were arranged by the family to the food company to work and married.
Around 1991, he thought that he could work hard to support his family, but he caught up with the house he was living in. He had to get a relocation fee of 20,000 yuan and started the breeding industry. “At that time, we couldn’t buy a house for 20,000 yuan, but we also had to pay tuition to the children. So we bought two pigs, three sheep, and a few chickens.” The old man said that one year in winter, he was delayed because of some things. The sows at home were frozen to death. The family had no source of life and had to live in a box car.
Lost son
The reporter saw the old man parked in front of the “home” in a wild meadow in the south lane of Xujiashaliang South Street of University Street. The so-called “home” is just a relatively large box car parked on the side of the road and paid out from the rear of the car body. A tree trunk rides on the ground, and the branch of expenditure is the gate of the elderly. In addition to this box car, there are two simple houses built by the elderly themselves. One of them had piled up some articles of daily use and iron products. The other was the "bedroom" for him and his little daughter. There was a small stove inside. The two were heating and cooking.
Zhang Qingkai told reporters that when his oldest son committed suicide, he was too late to be rescued. “The doctor told me that I had rescued but I came home with my child. After that, I never dared to teach children anymore, for fear that other children would follow the same path. I only hope that the children can grow up quickly. A good home was also satisfactory.” The old man said that after his wife left home in 2009, she had not even gone through a divorce procedure.
Not forgotten
The staff of the “Yiqi Mall”, a promoter of Weibo, sent food and cooking oil to the elderly. Yi Qi Mall market manager Qiao manager told reporters: "Though we can not help the elderly to solve the problem of life, but we hope to allow more people to come in and help them together."
Afterwards, the reporter went to the office of the People’s Road Sub-district of Saihan District, where Zhang Qingkai’s elderly family member is located, and interviewed the Chief of the Civil Affairs Section. Sun Kechang told reporters that the office has been a special agent for Zhang Qingkai and applied for a Di Bao for him. At present, the office has helped him apply for public rental housing, hoping to get their families into the house as soon as possible.
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