Flexibility of Combined Machine Tools into Industrial Machinery Manufacturing Trends

Flexibility of Combined Machine Tools into Industrial Machinery Manufacturing Trends The combined machine tool is a dedicated high-efficiency automation technology and equipment. It is widely used in many industrial production fields such as automobiles, tractors, internal combustion engines, and compressors. It is the “parent machine” of the machinery industry. In the industrially developed countries, the combined machine tool has also penetrated into other fields. For example, the combination machine tool design has generally adopted CAD workstations, which shortens the design cycle and delivery time; it reflects the fine art production methods, and the level of modularization and generalization is improved. Stable, the combination machine tool factory and the automobile factory apply this method closely to accelerate the design and manufacture of special equipment. The development of the automatic line technology of the combined machine tools has entered a stage of mature development. The progress of the automatic line in terms of flexibility will drive the world industrial production system into a new round of fierce competition and will shift towards an efficient development mode.

It is believed that R&D efficiency, product renewal, commercial production, and value feedback reflect this series of development processes that highlight the important links of modern infrastructure. The development of our country's combined machine tool in the past 30 years has effectively connected all aspects of industrial machinery production, and implemented the parallel projects where various departments collaborate and reduce costs, embodying the development trend of flexibility. The equipment industry is a systematic project at the national level. The equipment industry depends on the machine tool manufacturing industry. Its development must be as comprehensive as possible in the design process, manufacturing technology, and application technology. It requires that the equipment manufacturing department intervene early in the user's products. Planning and design, when the product design department considers its structure and function, it can collaboratively consider the processing and assembly process of the product, thereby accelerating the product development, and at the same time achieving the purpose of reducing the manufacturing cost and improving the product quality. This is also required by the flexible production method.

Driven by the manufacturing process and assembly process, it has now become the development structure pursued and adapted by the developed countries, and this is only an extension of the idea of ​​flexible technology. In terms of flexibility itself, with the emergence of diversified market competition, the combined machine tool manufacturing industry is facing the challenge of multi-variety production. In order to adapt to this change in demand, traditionally to process a single variety of rigid combination machine tools and automatic lines must increase its flexibility. With the increase in product market cycle requirements, the R&D cycle has to be shortened accordingly. The demand for flexible automation technology and equipment for industrial production is also increasing. The popularity of flexible processing systems is also increasing. Therefore, the production efficiency must be guaranteed. The steadily improving and further improving its flexibility have become more and more strategic.

It is reported that the development of CNC machining modules can improve the flexibility of combined machine tools, and the use of concurrent engineering also reflects flexible thinking. In short, whether it is from the perspective of development ideas or the level of innovation of industrial development, flexibility is very important. Assembling machine tools are used as industrial machinery manufacturing. The mother should continue to implement the flexible route and maintain the real appreciation of development flexibility.

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