ABB's first onboard DC grid system delivery

April 4 news: ABB, the leading power and automation technology group, announced that the first ship equipped with a shipboard DC grid system has been delivered by Kleven Shipyard to Myklebusthaug Offshore, Norway. The system will help the ship operate with the highest energy efficiency and lowest pollution emissions.
It is understood that the platform supply vessel (PSV) named "Dina Star" is designed by Norwegian Marin Teknikk and is 93 meters long and about 5000DWT. The onboard DC grid system supplied by ABB includes all power, propulsion, automation and consulting systems.
ABB launched the concept of on-board DC grid in mid-2011, which has attracted the interest of various ship owners such as offshore craft, tugboats, jack-up platforms, ferries and yachts.

304 stainless steel security protective gloves

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304 stainless steel security protective gloves

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