Valin Top Four Rear Eight Oil Tanker

Vehicle name:

Refuelling vehicle

Vehicle model:




Environmental protection:


Chassis model:


engine model:


Engine power:


engine capacity:


Engine manufacturer:

Weichai Power Co., Ltd.

Overall dimensions ( length / width / height ) :


Cargo bed ( length / width / height ) :

× ×

Total mass (Kg) :


Load quality:


Curb weight (kg) :


Rated mass (kg) :


Approach angle / departure angle:


Front / rear suspension:


Wheelbase (mm) :


Axle load:

6300/6700/18000 ( with two axes installed )

Fuel consumption:

Number of springs:


Number of tires:


Tire specifications:

11.00R20 18PR

Front track:


Rear track:


Chassis configuration

High top double-bed cab, Shanbei gears 9- speed gearbox, 13 tons double rear axle, 11.00 vacuum tires, with original air conditioning, with front Disc Brake. Weichai Diesel Engine equipped with 300 horsepower.

Tank configuration

The actual volume of the tank : 40 cubic meters , The tank body is made of 6mm high-quality carbon steel plate, adopts disposable coil forming technology, superior bearing, and durability. The main body of the tank adopts an automatic butt welding process, with a straight and beautiful weld seam and good durability. There are through holes at the bottom of the middle partition of the tank, and reinforced anti-wave partitions are welded in the middle of each tank to reduce the impact force of the oil inside the tank. The outer surface of the tank is coated with anti-rust paint and decorative paint. The tank body is sprayed with explosive characters, with reflective tape, and the tank body is silver-gray.

Dedicated configuration

The special oil pump is equipped with the function of quick oil inlet and outlet, plus European standard tank mouth, subsea valve, anti-overflow probe rod and socket, bottom oil port, oil and gas recovery valve, oil and gas recovery joint, and the accompanying 2 tanks and cans Equal length tubing, 2 fire extinguishers, 1 ladder, bumper on both sides and rear, 1 ground wire.

Car accessories

Vehicle Certification, Chassis Certification, Motor Vehicle Invoice, Vehicle Tool Kit, Chassis Service Station List, Engine Warranty Manual, etc.

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