Self-loading garbage truck

Self-loading and unloading garbage truck is a sanitation special vehicle used in conjunction with the garbage compression transfer station. It is mainly used for the collection of domestic garbage trucks by the sanitation department, and the removal of garbage trucks by large industrial and mining companies.

   Dongfeng Dolika self-loading garbage truck

The self-loading garbage truck has a reasonable and compact overall structure design, automatic loading and unloading of garbage, high efficiency of use, lightweight design of the car body, large carrying capacity, good sealing performance, and obvious advantages such as safety, energy saving, and environmental protection. The self-loading garbage truck can be used to automatically load and unload garbage, realize sealed transportation of rubbish, effectively prevent the pollution of humans and the environment by garbage, and improve the efficiency of automobile transportation. It is a new type of sanitation special vehicle that is safe, energy-saving, environmentally-friendly, and highly efficient.
Chassis manufacturer: Dongfeng self-loading and unloading garbage truck, liberation self-loading garbage truck, JAC self-loading garbage truck, etc.
According to the model can be divided into: Dongfeng Jinba self-loading garbage truck, Dongfeng Tianjin self-loading garbage truck, Dongfeng 140 self-loading garbage truck, Dongfeng 145 self-loading garbage truck
According to the carrying capacity of the chassis: small self-loading garbage truck, medium-sized self-loading garbage truck, large-scale self-loading garbage truck
The self-loading garbage truck is composed of a sealed garbage container, a hydraulic system, and an operating system. It can be equipped with dozens of trash cans to realize a joint operation of a vehicle and a plurality of trash cans. The hydraulic lifting device on the car body can lift the trash cans. Up, down, up and down, up and down a working cycle time of 50S, sealed car environmental health, to avoid secondary pollution. The self-mounted hanging bucket device can directly hang the roadside trash can on the lifter directly to the inside of the garbage box to save the trouble of loading garbage.

Ultrasonic cutting machine:

Ultrasonic cutting machine also called ultrasonic shearing machine, is the use of ultrasonic welding technology combined with traditional shear. The ultrasonic generator provide electric energy, then the transducer switch the electric energy into ultrasonic energy and transfer the welding head. The ultrasonic horn and violent vibration friction, so as to achieve shear. Using ultrasonic cutting machine, the incision of material is complete and beautiful, and the cutting edge is neat and smooth. The machine adopts PLC control, automatic feeding, computer counting, high precision.


The principle of the Ultrasonic Cutting Machine:

ultrasonic cutting machine uses ultrasound to transverse cutting material. Such as, clothing trademark woven belt, elastic, ribbons, cloth, Ribbon, Velcro, nylon rope, back channel, zippers and other composite material.


Feature of ultrasonic cutting machine:

1.The machine adopts PLC control, automatic feeding, computer counting, high precision.

2.High efficiency, fast cutting speed.

3.Automatic tracking and correction function.

4.Automatic sealing, and the incision is smooth and beautiful.


Scope of application:

mainly used in packaging, gifts, clothing, textile and other industries. Such as screen printing, color printing, flexo label, washable cloth dyeing, tension fabric, high quality woven label, multi-color woven, woven clothes, collar


Parameter of ultrasonic cutting machine:









Vibrating head system


Cutting length

1-1000 mm

Width of material

1-70  mm

Cutting speed

500PCS/ Min

Overall dimension


Net weight


Ultrasonic Cutting Machine

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