Trial Production of American KINNEY Three-cylinder Balanced Slide Valve Vacuum Pump

Trial Production of American KINNEY Three-cylinder Balanced Slide Valve Vacuum Pump
Core Tips: Trial Production of Vacuum U.S. KINNEY Three-cylinder Balanced Slide Valve Vacuum Pump Qian Xueqiang, Zhao Hong (Shanghai Kaini Vacuum Equipment Co., Ltd., Shanghai is a joint venture of the US KINNEY company in China has some experience in trial production and production of this product , while raising the level of domestic mechanical vacuum pump

Vacuum United States KINNEY Tri-Cylinder Balanced Slide Vacuum Pump Trial Production Qian Xueqiang, Zhao Hong (Shanghai Kaini Vacuum Equipment Co., Ltd., Shanghai is a joint venture of American KINNEY company in China has some experience in trial production and production of this product, at the same time The improvement of the level of domestic mechanical vacuum pumps proposed some proposals: slide valve vacuum pump; three-cylinder balance - energy index KT - Shanghai Keni Vacuum Equipment Co., Ltd. is the United States TUTHILL Corporation under the vacuum system branch formerly known as the United States KINNEY company in Shanghai The joint venture was established on March 7, 2000. According to the joint venture contract, the U.S. has invested all the technology of the KT series three-cylinder balanced spool vacuum pump into the joint venture. KINNEY has a long history of production of slide valves, as early as 1908. The production of slide valve vacuum pumps began, and the three-cylinder balanced slide vacuum pump was the first structure of KINNEY and its leading product. It has a high reputation both at home and abroad.

KT series slide valve vacuum pump is a three-cylinder balanced slide valve vacuum pump. In the past, some domestic enterprises had tried and tested such products according to foreign prototype mapping. Due to the high processing difficulty, no batch products were put on the market. At present, more products are seen in the market as single-cylinder externally-balanced wheel-type slide valve pumps. In recent years, some plants have produced double-cylinder externally-balanced wheel-structured slide valve pumps with three-cylinder balanced type. The slide valve pump is still mainly imported in the market. The main characteristic of the three-cylinder balanced slide valve pump is that the inertia force and moment of inertia of the slide valve can cancel each other, making the vibration of the pump running extremely small. This is the main technology that can not be compared with other domestic same specifications products. Performance Specifications According to the Sino-US technology transfer agreement, the KT series of slide valve pumps that have been invested in joint ventures has a total of four specifications. Its main technical performance indicators are as follows.

In September 2001, our company successfully completed one of the specification-one KT-300 slide valve vacuum pump, all of its technical indicators have reached the specifications of the United States product requirements 2 Working principle and structural characteristics 2.1 Working principle KT pump has A circulating oil pump, which provides the appropriate lubricant for the slide pump at any pressure, including atmospheric pressure. The vacuum pump is composed of three eccentric wheels and a spool valve that are shared by the same shaft and are connected in parallel to draw the air so that the moving parts can achieve dynamic balance. The three eccentric wheels are located on the same shaft as the slide valve driven by the eccentric wheel. When the shaft drives the eccentric to rotate, the slide valve can freely slide up and down in the guideway body and swing left and right. The entire pump chamber is divided by the slide valve into an aspiration chamber A and an exhaust chamber B. When the shaft rotates counterclockwise, the gas passes through a common The air inlet enters the upper intake passage of the slide valve and enters the suction cavity A of the pump chamber. The cavity A expands gradually and continuously inhales. The B cavity gradually reduces the compressed gas. When the slide valve moves to the top of the exhaust side, the volume of the A cavity reaches the maximum, When the suction port and the pump chamber are closed, the pumping process is completed, and when the gas in the chamber B is compressed to the exhaust pressure, the top opening exhaust valve is discharged to the pump, and the exhaust valve is exhausted when the spool valve moves to the exhaust side vertex. . In this way, continuous evacuation is performed in order to achieve the purpose of obtaining vacuum. Profile of the pump When the gas flows through the pump body, the seal oil is mixed with the exhaust gas. The discharged mixture is discharged into the fuel tank and is pumped under the action of the oil interception device. Gas and oil are separated. The non-drive end oil pump provides seal oil and lubricant to the pump. The oil pump is driven by the oil pump drive connected to the shaft. At all working pressures, including atmospheric pressure, the oil pump can provide the seal pump with seal oil and lubricating oil.

2 structural characteristics compared to the following characteristics 2.21 three-cylinder internal balance, making the pump has no vibration in the operating characteristics of KT series slide valve built-in three-cylinder balance force diagram, the middle is a long slide valve assembly, both sides are For a short spool valve assembly, the length of the spool valve assembly is half that of the spool valve assembly, the inertia force generated by the spool valve assembly is F, and the inertia force generated by the spool valve assembly is F/2. Inertia moments of equal magnitude and in the opposite direction, namely KINNEY product specifications and product samples.

Zibo Huazhong Vacuum Equipment Co., Ltd. Zibo Huazhong Vacuum Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Zibo High-tech Development Zone, Shandong Province. It is a specialized company for the production of vacuum equipment. Our company integrates scientific research, design, production and sales, and has more than a dozen vacuums. Professionals with more than 20 years of professional experience, advanced product technology, reliable quality, and reasonable prices over the years have provided a large number of vacuum pumps, vacuum unit vacuum dryers and other equipment for China's petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, building materials, plastics, electricity and other industries. The praise of the majority of users in the new millennium, the general manager of the company Zhang Haohua, deputy general manager Lin Lezhong with the staff to the majority of friends for many years to support our sincere thanks to the product profile 1.2YK series liquid ring vacuum pump 22SKP1 series of water ring vacuum pump 3. SK Series Single Stage Water Ring Vacuum Pump Z(ZP) Series Roots Vacuum Pump Z2S Series Roots Pump Ice Ring Pump Vacuum Unit Z2X Series Roots Pump Rotary Disk Pump Vacuum Unit Various Vacuum Dryers Address: Zhangdian District, Shandong Province 253 Central Road Zip: 255086 http Nantong Witt Vacuum Equipment Co., Ltd. The original Nantong Yellow Sea Hydraulic Vacuum Equipment Factory) Goal for you to provide high-grade, high-quality, energy-efficient vacuum equipment The main products Z series Roots vacuum pump ZC series Three-lobe Roots vacuum pump XD series Single-stage rotary vane vacuum pump ZX series Roots rotary vane vacuum unit ZP series Roots vacuum pump 2X series two-stage rotary vane vacuum pump SZ series water ring vacuum pump ZS series Roots water ring vacuum unit Nantong Witt Vacuum Equipment Co., Ltd. is from the original Nantong City Huanghai hydraulic vacuum equipment factory restructuring As a new company, the company has entered the ranks of vacuum equipment production for only 10 years, but due to the high starting point of product development, it currently has one national key new product and three provincial high-tech new products. The purpose of the company is: either do it or do the best.

The company is a high-tech enterprise fostered by the Nantong municipal government. The overall cultural and technical quality of the employees is high. There are more than 50 engineers and technicians in the nearly 200 employees who are earnestly inspecting vacuum equipment at home and abroad. Design, development and production of high quality and high quality vacuum equipment. The products are designed according to vacuum industry standards and with reference to relevant international standards, and are tested by the National Vacuum Equipment Quality Testing Center. Through the provincial appraisal one by one standardized procedures to ensure the high grade of the product.

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 mainly used for earthwork and asphalt applications. New construction and repair work for medium and small scale construction projects, on parking lots, sidewalks, cycle paths, playing fields and sports grounds as well as rolling of joints in road construction.

6~10t large vibratory roller with relatively high pressure and solid capacity should be used for national trunk roads and special roads for automobiles.
For the highway below grade 3, or not often compaction work, it is best to equip with about 2t mobile flexible vibration roller.

2. For the cement concrete pavement, the series vibration roller driven by tire can be used;

3. For asphalt concrete pavement, full-drive vibratory roller should be selected;

4. For the bottom layer of high-grade road subgrade, it is better to choose tire roller or tire driving vibration roller for compaction to obtain uniform compaction;

5. When repairing the road surface, the static action roller can be used.

Iv. Selection of pressed materials according to the type:

1. For rock filling compaction, large tonnage roller should be selected to make large block displacement;

2 for clay compaction, it is best to use convex block ramming roller;

3. For the compaction of the mixture, it is better to choose vibratory roller, so as to mix the size of the particles evenly;

4. Heavy vibratory roller should be used for slow rolling for deep compaction, while static action roller should be used for shallow compaction.

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