Dingxi, Gansu Province starts quality measurement supervision work monitoring water meter and other equipment

[China Instrument Network Instrument Industry] In recent days, the person in charge of the Standard Section and the Metrology Division of the Quality Supervision Bureau of Dingxi City in Gansu conducted comprehensive supervision of the standardization and measurement work in the Luxi County.

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The inspection mainly focused on the mid-term review of Lijialonggong (service industry) standardization pilots, the self-declaration of corporate product standards, and the acceptance of standardized and well-behaved enterprises and measurement and confirmation units that were submitted in 2017. Water supply inspection and survey at county level The statutory metrological verification agencies use inspections of appliances as the focus of inspections.
During the inspection, after in-depth field inspections, detailed data access, interviews with relevant company personnel, and hearing reports from the county's quality supervision bureau, the inspection team unanimously held that the work of standardization and measurement in Qianxi County was conducted in strict accordance with the “Standardization Law” and “Measurement”. "Law" and other relevant laws and regulations and relevant requirements of provinces and cities, standardized measurement work carried out in an orderly manner, and the effectiveness of the phased work was obvious.
This inspection is an inspection of the standardized measurement work in the Luxi County, and it is also an excellent opportunity to receive expert guidance and improve business skills. The county quality supervision bureau will take this inspection as an opportunity to further study business knowledge, enhance work ability, better serve the enterprise, and serve the economic development of western Fujian.
(Original title: Dingxi City Bureau of Quality Supervision supervised Qianxi County standardization measurement work)

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