Teach you a few tips for maintenance of tank trucks

1. Reasonably determine the maintenance cycle
The tanker maintenance cycle is the interval or time between car maintenance. High maintenance frequency is not a bad thing and can more effectively protect the performance of the vehicle. Therefore, scientifically determining the interval between maintenance operations of various types can not only keep the car constantly in good technical condition, but also enable you to save maintenance costs and repairs. cost. When deciding on the automobile maintenance cycle, the maintenance cycle recommended by the tanker manufacturer should be referred to, and the maintenance cycle should be appropriately adjusted according to the technical conditions and actual conditions of use of the tanker. New cars with good general automotive technology conditions can be properly prolonged and maintained when they are used under good operating conditions. However, if the condition of automotive technology is poor or the operating conditions are poor, the maintenance cycle should be appropriately shortened.
   2. Make full use of free testing
Today's tanker manufacturers pay more and more attention to after-sales service. The benefit for tankers is that they often enjoy free testing activities. Many of these free testing activities appear to be simple and appear to the owner as having no substantive content, which is actually very beneficial. Tankers can use these free testing activities to conduct a comprehensive physical examination of the car, discover potential failures in a timely manner, and eliminate these hidden troubles, eliminating the need for future high maintenance costs.
   3. As little as possible "disassembling" the repair
Many owners have this feeling that an assembly ( such as an engine ) of their own car will be out of control after the dismantling and maintenance, and it will be “inpatient” treatment after a certain period of time. This phenomenon is particularly common in imported cars. Why would such phenomenon happen? The reasons are many, mainly related to repairman's assembly technology and parts quality. To prevent vehicles from entering the maintenance period prematurely, it is best to dismantle the maintenance assembly as little as possible.
   4. Appropriate use of oil
The proper use of oil includes two aspects: First, fuel, and second, lubricating oil. Improper use of fuel can easily cause malfunctions such as clogging of the fuel filter, causing the engine to experience idling instability, poor acceleration, and increased fuel consumption. It also accelerates cylinder wear and affects engine life. Therefore, improper use of fuel will increase the cost of vehicle maintenance and repair. Different brands and grades of lubricants have very different quality and prices are quite different. How to use lubricating oil to meet the requirements of lubrication, but also spend less money? The basic principle is: It can meet the requirements of the use of vehicles, only to buy the right expensive. Such as engine oil, for domestic cars, some domestic SJ -class engine oil can fully meet the requirements, do not need to buy imports.

Travelling Tower Crane:

Travelling Tower Crane's tower body is fixed on the walking base frame, which can run on the special track with good stability, can carry load, and high work efficiency, so it is widely used in construction and installation engineering. 

Rail type tower crane can run along the track, working range is large, widely used, suitable for multi-storey building construction.

Main Types of Travelling Tower Crane:

Building Crane

Travelling Tower Crane

Application Area:

Because the Travelling Tower Crane is equipped with walking devices, it is flexible and widely used in the construction site of road bridge with high mobility for lifting and installation.

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Travelling Tower Crane

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