Industry: LED smart technology or penetration into all walks of life

On April 12th, the 2014 Cross-Strait LED Application Innovation Forum was held in Xiamen Convention and Exhibition Center. More than 350 industry representatives from both sides of the Taiwan Strait attended the meeting. The forum invited Huang Qiang, deputy mayor of Xiamen, and Wang Yan, deputy director of the Cross-Strait Science and Technology Exchange Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Du Min, deputy director of the Science and Technology Department of Fujian Province, and deputy director Xie Song of Xiamen Torch Hi-tech Zone Management Committee to attend the guidance. Academician Zheng Youjun of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chairman of the International Semiconductor Lighting Industry Alliance Wu Ling, Chairman of the China Lighting Society Wang Jinxi and Secretary General Dou Linping, Professor Hao Luoxi of Tongji University, Chairman of the Taiwan Optoelectronic Semiconductor Industry Association Wang Binglong, Osram, Sunshine Group, etc. LED industry leaders, leading domestic and foreign leading companies attended the speech.
The conference focused on the current status and development of the LED lighting industry, new technologies and applications of LED lighting, market opportunity analysis, lighting design and innovation concepts, case studies of innovative design, healthy lighting and new environment, thermal design, and detection of recent technological developments. In-depth discussion and analysis. Intensive research on LED health lighting applications, innovative design, and intelligent topics has brought a valuable and wonderful forum feast for the LED industry across the Taiwan Straits.
At the forum, Academician Zheng Youjun of the Chinese Academy of Sciences mentioned that LED intelligent lighting has become a trend, and the increasingly mature LED intelligent lighting technology. LED intelligent lighting technology is connected to the control system through the network, using sensors and terminal remote controls to regulate the lamps, changing the lights to meet the needs of people at any time, creating a more comfortable, safe, healthy and changeable light environment.
Many experts agree that the future application of LEDs is extremely broad and will lead to a revolution in the new generation of light. For the future, LED will popularize home, commercial lighting, road lighting and more. However, the charm of LED does not stop there. It will also extend to the fields of agriculture, medical care, communication, etc. In the medical field, the filling of filling teeth can be instantly solidified by LED light to reduce the painful time; in the field of communication, LED lighting can be used in the future. The WIFI module is implanted in the luminaire to realize signal transmission.
Experts pointed out that from the US Department of Energy (DOE) proposed LED blueprint for cost reduction development, warm white LED light source to target in 2015 is about 2 US dollars per thousand lumens, cool white LED light source is about 2.2 US dollars. The reporter interviewed the relevant industry and analyzed according to the above data: By 2015, if the cost of the whole lamp is converted, the LED bulb that meets the 5W for ordinary household lighting is only RMB 25, which is basically close to the 20W energy saving with the same luminous efficacy. The price of the lamp, while the energy efficiency is much higher than the energy-saving lamp, and there is no mercury pollution. It is foreseeable that the era of LED lighting entering thousands of households is coming.

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