LED industry: commercial indoor lighting needs to be broken

As we all know, since its birth, LED lights have been favored by electronic engineers for their high reliability, easy control and small size. The first thing that arises is the indicator light of the electronic device, and then gradually enters the signal indicator such as traffic red, green light and other occasions. However, due to the insufficient brightness of the prior LED lamps, the conversion rate of thermal energy is low, and the price is too high and is not well known to the general public. Commercial applications are also limited to the contours of buildings, decorated with non-mainstream lighting such as decorative lights.
In recent years, with the improvement of the thermal energy conversion efficiency of LED lamps, the brightness has been greatly improved and the price has been greatly reduced. The market has begun to recognize the lighting of LED lamps. LED lamps have long life as power consumption and energy consumption. The low volume and high brightness have gradually become the new market.
LED industry: commercial indoor lighting needs to be broken. Based on LED lamp life and power consumption analysis, LED indoor lighting fixtures compared with traditional equivalent lamps, LED bulbs, LED ceiling lamps, LED downlights, LED flexible strips It has been significantly lower than traditional lighting fixtures. In 2012, the reduction of the cost of LED chips and the development of technology will increase the efficiency advantage of LED lighting, and accordingly began to express a strong declaration of warfare to traditional lighting.
Compared with traditional lamps, LED lamps are more plastic, and are not limited to the design of traditional lamps. Because LED bulbs are small in size, they can be used to make a variety of designs suitable for the environment. For example, LED downlights, we can make round traditional lamps, can also be made into square, can also be made into irregular shapes, can also be made into panel lights with a thickness of only 9MM, which is beyond the reach of traditional lamps.
LED lights are easier to integrate and intelligently control. Compared with traditional lamps, LED lamps can achieve dimming. The implementation method is much simpler than traditional lamps. In simple terms, it can easily achieve 0-100 dimming through power amplifiers and LED dimmers. No stroboscopic, no limit continuous adjustment. Light. More intelligent, online control can be realized through DMX512, and the brightness and darkness of the LED light, or the change of water flow or various dynamic changes can be randomly controlled according to the dynamic effect to be realized. It is relatively more difficult for traditional lamps to achieve dynamic changes.
At present, commercial lighting should consider more human experience design, what kind of environment, what color to choose, and what color temperature light source to achieve the original intention of the designer. For example, jewelry lighting counters generally use LED jewellery cabinet lights. Platinum counter area uses 7000-8000K high-bright white LED light source to illuminate the entire platinum jewellery product itself, reflecting the whiter and brighter elegance of the product, while the gold product adopts LED color temperature light source 3500-3800K. The warm white light source is a product that is magnificent and elegant.
The jewelry lighting counter has become a perfect substitute for traditional fluorescent lamps due to its small size, small illumination angle and higher luminous efficiency. Different business environments, different shopping experiences, the design of the lighting angle, the color temperature requirements are getting higher and higher, which is unmatched by traditional lamps. LED floodlights, LED spotlights, LED downlights make this all Change is easier to achieve.
The increasing light efficiency of LED downlights and the ever-decreasing price have slammed the door to commercial lighting. At present, commercial lighting mostly uses traditional energy-saving lighting. Aside from mercury pollution, the energy-saving lamps are large in size, and the entire downlight occupies a large space and is not beautiful. When the entire power supply voltage is unstable, the downlight is easy to flicker.
LED downlight light source and shell integrated design, using milky white or atomized mask embedded in the ceiling and integrated into the ceiling, the appearance is beautiful and high-grade, the light source is uniform, the LED power supply adopts constant current design, is not limited by external voltage change, the light source is always kept Consistent illumination. The above advantages have been improved with the improvement of LED technology, providing a reliable technical guarantee for LED lighting to enter commercial lighting.
The introduction of LED industry standards is also in the process of development. According to internal sources, the LED industry standard will be introduced in 2013, and the relevant standards such as LED lighting interface and illumination standard will be announced. LED commercial lighting is gaining momentum. Shanghai Shengmei Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has shrunk 30 foreign orders in 2012, while domestic indoor lighting orders have increased by 60-70, mostly for energy-saving renovation projects and new commercial club projects. LED light companies have begun to enjoy the benefits of energy saving.
The development of each emerging industry must undergo the process of start-up, development, maturity and decline. The LED indoor lighting industry is in the stage of industry development. It must be the situation of inferior quality and excellent coexistence, the coexistence of essence and dross, and the survival of technology. Constantly innovating, LED indoor lighting can mature and be recognized.

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