Heavy truck natural gas heavy truck sales exceeded 4000 strong growth

In 2012, CNHTC's gas vehicles were widely favored by the market. Natural gas heavy trucks are favored by the market for their low emissions, environmental protection and energy saving as well as high economic efficiency, and they have shown high market growth. China National Heavy Duty Truck Group is China's earlier development and production of natural gas heavy trucks, advanced technology products, safe and reliable, economic and environmental protection, praised by users, sales this year has exceeded 4,000, an increase of nearly 80% over the previous year. At the same time, LNG heavy trucks also achieved bulk exports, showing good market prospects.

According to reports, CNHTC's core technology for heavy trucks is embodied in natural gas engines. China National Heavy Duty Truck WT615 natural gas engine is based on the common parts of most parts of the WD615 diesel engine, focusing on the updated design of the exhaust system, cylinder head, piston, piston ring, valve, and valve seat. In order to adapt to the characteristics of temperamental combustion, the Econtrois company's electronic control system for heavy-duty gas engines is used, and the four-valve central ignition, lean-burn, and electronically controlled pressure-intake modes are used to ensure good engine reliability and fuel economy. .

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