Sinopec comprehensively enhances the market competitiveness of chemical products

The Sinopec Chemical Sales 2008 Annual Work Conference proposed that the institutional mechanisms be improved, internal management be strengthened, service levels improved, and chemical product market competitiveness be fully enhanced.

On February 22, the 2008 annual work conference of the Chemical Company Sales Company of the joint-stock company was held in Beijing. The meeting called for further improvement of institutional mechanisms, comprehensive enhancement of internal management, improvement of marketing services, strengthening of the integration of production and sales, and integration of production, sales and research, accelerating the construction of informatization and logistics systems, striving to open up markets, and comprehensively enhancing the competitiveness of China's petrochemical chemical products market.
Zhang Jianhua, senior vice president of the company, attended the meeting and delivered a speech.
In 2007, in the face of complex market conditions and arduous management reform tasks, the chemical sales branch was market-oriented and benefit-centered. It strengthened internal management, steadily implemented reforms, improved marketing channels, optimized resource allocation, and played a centralized sales advantage. The total business volume has been further expanded, and the product profitability has been effectively improved, and various tasks have been successfully completed. In the year, the company sold 21.88 million tons of chemical products in the system, an increase of 11.5% year-on-year, achieving a production-sales ratio of 99.8%. The annual sales plan completion rate was 101.5%; the self-operated trade volume increased by 150,000 tons year-on-year, and the trade varieties gradually expanded.
The meeting analyzed the opportunities and challenges faced by the current sales of chemical products, and called for the focus on nine tasks in 2008. First, we must gradually establish a unified system of standardized systems, strengthen financial and marketing management, improve the audit system, improve the system, and further improve the level of marketing and management. Second, we must strengthen market segmentation research, improve the efficiency of resource allocation, and further give play to the market guidance ability of products. Third, we need to improve the marketing management operation model, further promote strategic performance management, establish a sound assessment and incentive system, and mobilize the enthusiasm of employees. Fourth, we must strengthen the construction of marketing services network, further improve the company's marketing strategy, give full play to the advantages of outlets near the terminal market, and improve marketing and service levels. Fifth, we must strengthen the construction of a production, sales, and research system, translate market demands into production and R&D directions as soon as possible, and further increase the development level of the new chemical product market for Sinopec. Sixthly, we must effectively organize pre-sales work to ensure that projects under construction are put into operation on time and ensure the overall efficiency of the chemical industry segment. Seventh, we must strengthen the application and optimization of information systems on the basis of information construction. Eighth, we must make overall planning, accelerate the construction of storage facilities, strengthen the management of logistics service providers, standardize the management of transit warehouses, promote the centralized management of self-owned railway vehicles, and further improve the level of logistics operations. Ninth, we must strengthen the leadership team and cadre ranks.
Zhang Jianhua pointed out that the chemical sales branch should strengthen the connection and coordination of production and sales, improve the centralized sales model of chemical products, and continue to promote institutional innovation; it must carefully organize product pre-sales work to provide important support for the new production capacity in the late 11th Five-year Plan period; It is necessary to speed up the construction of logistics facilities, establish an efficient chemical product logistics system, accelerate the promotion of chemical product electronic delivery cards (IC cards), and improve the delivery efficiency; further strengthen market research, scientific pricing, strengthen marketing management and network construction, and achieve chemical The overall benefit of the plate is maximized; it is necessary to strengthen the construction of the team, improve the overall quality of the team, and create a business team that has combat effectiveness and can stand the test of the market.
Zhang Jianhua said that in the current period of coexistence of opportunities and challenges, we must understand the situation, work together, and work together to get up and down and think about the cause of Sinopec, overcome difficulties, and do solid work to achieve the goal of Sinopec's production and operation. , The profits of the chemical sector made its due contribution.
The conference also commended the representatives of the “Outstanding Contribution Experts” and “Outstanding Young Intellectuals” of Sinopec Corp. in 2007 and organized all participants to watch the anti-corruption warning education film.