February 25 Tianjin Steel Market Price Quotes

Product Name Specification Material Steel Factory/Origin Price Today (yuan/ton) Yesterday Price (yuan/ton) Change (yuan/ton) High-line φ6.5-10mm Q235 Shougang-4780 Up 30 High-line φ6.5 -10mm Q235 Tangshan Steel-4780 rose 30 high-line φ6.5-10mm Q235 Xuanhua-4780 rose 30 high-line φ6.5-10mm Q235 Steel-4780 rose 30 P Line φ6.5-10mm Q235 Shougang-4700 rose 70 General line φ6.5-10mm Q235 Tangshan Steel-4700 rose 70 rebar φ12-14 HRB335 rolling two-4640 rose 20 Rebar φ16-25 HRB335 rolling two-4640 rose 20 rebar φ12-14 HRB335 rolling three-4640 rose 20 rebar φ16-25 HRB335 rolling three-4640 rose 20 rebar Φ12-14 HRB335 Shougang-4830 up 20 rebar φ16-25 HRB335 Shougang-4740 up 20 rebar φ12-14 HRB335 Xuanhua-4830 up 20 rebar φ16-25 HRB335 Xuan Gang-4740 Up 20 Rebar φ12-14 HRB335 Tang Steel-4830 Up 20 Rebar φ16-25 HRB335 Tang Steel-4740 Up 20 Rebar φ16 -25 HRB335 Tianhe-4740 rose 20 rebar φ16-25 HRB335 bearing steel-4740 rose 20 rebar φ28-32 HRB335 Tangshan Steel-4780 rose 20 three-level disc screw φ12 -14 HRB400 Bearing Steel-4940 Rising 20 Third-order disk screw φ16-25 HRB400 Bearing steel-4840 Rising 40 Third-order disk screw φ28-32 HRB400 Bearing steel-4860 Rising 20 round Steel Φ12mm Q235 Roll-4790 Rise 20 Round Steel Φ16-18mm Q235 Steel-4600 Rising 20 Round Steel Φ20-22mm Q235 Steel-4610 Rising 20 Cold Rolled Sheet 1.0* 1000*2000 ST12 Angang-6250 Unchanged cold-rolled sheet 1.2*1000*2000 ST12 Angang-6250 Unchanged cold-rolled sheet 1.5*1000*2000 ST12 Angang-6250 Unchanged Rolling sheet 2.0*1000*2000 ST12 Angang-6250 Constant cold rolled sheet 1.0*1000*2000 DC01 Benxi Steel-6250 Constant cold rolled sheet 1.2*1000*2000 DC01 Benxi Steel-6250 constant cold rolled sheet 1.5*1000*2000 DC01 Benxi Steel-6250 constant cold rolled sheet 2.0*1000*2000 DC01 Benxi Steel-6250 Constant hot rolling 2.0*1250*C Q235 TISCO-5550 rose 150 hot-rolled plate 2.75*1250*C Q235 Tangshan/TISCO-5150 rose 200 hot-rolled plate 3.0*1500*C Q235 Tang Gang/ Handan Steel-5150 up 50 hot-rolled plate 4.75*1500*C Q235 Tangshan Iron and Steel/Taigang-5050 rose 100 Product Name Specification Material Steel/Origin Price Today (yuan/ton) Yesterday Price (yuan / Ton) Change (RMB/ton) Hot rolled steel plate 5.5*1500*C Q235 Tangsteel/clad steel-5050 Rising 100 Hot rolled plate 11.75*1500*C Q235 Tangsteel/clad steel -5250 up 100 plate 6mm Q235 steel-6250 unchanged plate 8mm Q235 steel-6150 unchanged plate 10mm Q235 steel-5750 unchanged Thick Plate 12mm Q235 Sky Steel-5600 Constant Plate 14-20mm Q235 Sky Steel-5500 Constant Pattern Plate 3.0mm Q235 Mei Steel-5100 Rose 350 Pattern Plate 4.0mm Q235 Meigang-5100 Rose 350 Pattern Plate 5.0mm Q235 Ben Steel-5100 Rose 350 Pattern Plate 6.0mm Q235 Ben Steel-5100 Rose 350 Shipbuilding Plate 6mm CCSB Jinan Steel-6410 unchanged Shipboard 8mm CCSB Jinan Steel-6210 Unchanged Shipbuilding Plate 10mm CCSB Jinan Steel-6110 Unchanged Shipbuilding Plate 12-25mm CCSB Jinan Steel-5730 Low-alloy Plate 16-25mm Q345B Tiangang-5650 unchanged low alloy plate 16-25mm Q345B Jinan Steel-5800 unchanged color coated 0.326*1000*C SGCC Langfang-7350 unchanged color coated 0.426 *1000*C SGCC Xinyu-6950 Constant Color Coated Panel 0.476*1000*C SGCC Xinyu-6850 Constant Color Coated Panel 0.5*1000*C TST01 Baosteel-7800 Unchanged Color coated plate 0.6*1200*C TST01 Baosteel-7800 Invariable galvanized sheet 1.0*1000*C DX51D+Z Benxi Steel-5750 Up 350 galvanized sheet 0.7*1250*C DX51D+Z Angang-5900 rose 400 galvanized sheet 0.6*1250*C DX51D+Z Angang-5950 rose 450 galvanized sheet 0.5*1000*C SGCC Hengtong-6200 rose 200 galvanized sheet 0.4*1000*C SGCC Hengtong-6450 rose 150 hot rolled universal belt 4.0*685 Q235 Xingtai-4750 rose 100 hot rolled universal belt 5.5/5.6*520 Q235 Xingtai-4750 rose 100 hot rolled ribbon 6.5*68 5 Q235 Xingtai-4750 rose 100 hot-rolled universal belt 3.5*685 Q235 Tangshan-4750 rose 100 cold rolled general belt 0.3mm*1000 SPCC Tianjin Guolian 5450 5450 constant cold rolled universal belt 0.5mm* 1000 SPCC Tianjin Guolian 5300 5300 Invariable Cold Rolled Universal Belt 0.8mm*1000 SPCC Tianjin Guolian 5200 5200 Constant Cold Rolled Universal Belt 1.0mm*1000 SPCC Tianjin Guolian 5100 5100 Constant Channel Steel 10#*6mm Q235 Jiangtian -4610 Invariable channel steel 16#12mm Q235 Jiangtian-4610 Unchanged product specification Material price of steel mills/origin ($/ton) Today's price (yuan/ton) Change (yuan/ton) Channel steel 20 #*12mm Q235 Jiangtian-4710 No change in angle steel 50mm*50*5/6m Q235 Zhaobo-4760 Increased 50 angle steel 80mm*80*8/6m Q345 trillion rebound-4660 100 angle steel 100mm*100*10/9m Q235 trillion Bo-4710 rose 100 I-beam 16#12mm Q235 Haicheng-4360 rose 150 I-beam 20#12mm Q235 Haicheng -4410 Increased 200 I-beam 25#12mm Q235 Haicheng-4460 Increased 200 H-beam 200*100*5.5*8 Q235/SS400 Sunshine-4730 Constant H-beam 15 0*150*7*10 Q235/SS400 Laiwu Steel-4810 Permanent H-beam 300*300*10*15 Q235/SS400 Masteel-5380 Unchanged H-beam 400*400*13* 21 Q235/SS400 Ma Steel-5580 Invariable welded pipe 6 points/2.5mm Q235 Youfa-5080 Rose 100 welded pipe 1 inch/3.0mm Q235 Youfa-5030 rose 100 welded pipe 1.5 Inch/3.25mm Q235 Youfa-5030 Up 100 Pipe 4 inch/3.75mm Q235 Youfa-5010 Up 100 Pipe 6 inch/4.0mm Q235 Youfa-5110 Up 100 pipe 1 inch/3.0mm Q235 Lida-5230 Invariable welded pipe 1.5 inch/3.25mm Q235 Lida-5180 Invariable welded pipe 4 inch/3.75mm Q235 Lida-5210 unchanged Welded pipe 6 inch/4.0mm Q235 Lida-5320 Welded pipe 8 inch/5.0mm Q235 Lida-5320 Seamless pipe 76*4.5 20# Tianjin-5850 200 seamless pipe 108*4.5 20# Tianjin-5900 rose 150 seamless pipe 114*4.5 20# Anyang-5650 rose 400 seamless pipe 159*5 20# Angang- 5750 rose 300 seamless pipe 219*6 20# Angang-6000 rose 250 Seamless pipe 377*10 20# Baotou steel-6700 Up 50 Seamless pipe 426*11 20# Baotou steel-6750 Up 50 Galvanized pipe 4-6 points 2.75 Lida -6780 Invariable galvanized pipe 1-1.25 inch 3mm Lida-6320 Invariable galvanized pipe 1.5 inch 3.25mm Lida-6320 Invariable galvanized pipe 2 inch 3.25mm Lida 6320- Constant galvanized tube 2.5 inch 3.75mm Leader-6330 Constant galvanized tube 3 inch 3.75mm Leader-6330 Constant galvanized tube 4 inch 4mm Leader 6360- Invariable galvanized tube 5 inch 4mm Leada-6540 Constant galvanized tube 6 inch 4mm Leada-6540 Constant galvanized tube 8 inch 5mm Leader -6580 unchanged