Development and Reform Commission Announces the Implementation of Provisional Price Intervention on National Coal for Power Generation

According to the website of the National Development and Reform Commission, the National Development and Reform Commission issued an announcement on the 19th: From now until December 31 this year, the mining price of coal for power generation by the national coal production enterprises must not exceed the actual settlement price on June 19, 2008. The full text is as follows:

National Development and Reform Commission of the People's Republic of China Notice

No. 46 of 2008

In order to prevent the coal and electricity prices from rising in turn and promote the coordinated, stable and healthy development of the coal and power industries, according to the provisions of Article 30 of the “Price Law”, it is decided that from now on until December 31, 2008, the national coal for power generation should be implemented. Temporary price interventions are now announced as follows:

1. Coal used for power generation by the national coal production enterprises, including key contracted coal and non-key contracted coal, whose ore price (car price) is based on the actual settlement price on June 19, 2008; For transactions, the latest actual settlement price is used as the maximum price limit. During the period of interim price intervention, the price of coal used for power generation by a coal producer (plate price) must not exceed the maximum price.

In order to stabilize the market sales price of non-essential contract coal, the provincial-level pricing authority must adopt measures such as limiting the price difference to control the circulation costs.

2. Where both sides of the coal supply and demand contract have signed a contract, the coal coal contract shall be executed strictly in accordance with the quantity, quality and price as stipulated in the contract. It is forbidden to convert key contract coal into market coal sales. The circulation enterprises such as coal transportation must implement the stipulated charging standards and shall not arbitrarily raise prices or increase prices outside of their prices.

Third, the coal production enterprises must strictly implement the above temporary price intervention measures. The competent pricing departments in various places should strengthen inspections, focus on investigating and punishing violations of government restrictions on prices and arbitrarily raising prices, and disguised price increases through the use of fraudulent measures such as reducing the quality of coal and shoddy goods; not implementing coal supply contracts and focusing on contractual coal Turn to market coal sales behavior. Enterprises that violate the temporary intervention measures for coal prices will be severely dealt with in accordance with the Price Law and the Administrative Penalties for Price Violations. Typical cases investigated and dealt with are exposed in relevant media.

Special announcement.

National Development and Reform Commission, People's Republic of China

June 19, 2008