Development and Reform Commission Controls Chain Reaction of Price Adjustment of Products

The National Development and Reform Commission announced at the same time yesterday that in order to reduce the impact of price adjustment on the lives of the people, control the chain reaction of price adjustments, and take the following comprehensive supporting measures for the increase in the price of refined oil price adjustments:

(1) Financial subsidy shall be applied to grain farmers, fisheries (including offshore fishing) and forestry. Among them, on the basis of the direct subsidies for grain farmers that have been increased this year, the government will increase the subsidy by 5 yuan per mu;

Financial subsidies for public transport

(2) Implementing financial subsidies for urban public transport and rural road passenger transport (including inter-island and rural waterway passenger transport), and the transportation price will not increase;

Low-income population increase subsidies

(3) From July, the urban minimum living security population will increase subsidies by 15 yuan per person per month, and increase by 10 yuan in rural areas;

Cleaning the taxi unreasonable

(4) The impact of the adjustment of refined oil prices on the taxi industry will be resolved by increasing financial subsidies and further clearing the unreasonable burden, and the price will not be adjusted temporarily;

The price of train tickets is not adjusted

(e) The prices of liquefied gas, natural gas and railway passenger transport will not be adjusted. All kinds of subsidy funds will be allocated to the central government on a daily basis.