Invested 30 million Xiamen to purchase 95 sanitation cars

On May 12, 2015, the reporter was informed that Xiamen Jimei District plans to invest RMB 30.87 million to add 95 sets of sanitation work vehicles, including 22 sets of 5 tons of sweeping vehicles, 15 sets of road maintenance vehicles, 2 sets of multifunctional dust suppression vehicles, and guardrails. It has 2 washing vehicles, 6 small multi-purpose cleaning vehicles, and 48 rural dump trucks.

In particular, it is worth noting that due to the acceleration of urbanization, the problems associated with construction dust and road dust pollution cannot be overlooked. The multifunctional dust suppression vehicle in this procurement plan is the purpose of the Jimei District to govern the urban area. Dust pollution was the first attempt to purchase.

Multi-functional dust suppression vehicles, also called "fog guns," have been widely used in many places. They can not only meet the requirements of various cleaning and watering, but also provide more humidification and dust reduction than ordinary sprinklers. It can even play a role in removing maggots.

The use of these professional equipments will play an important role in improving the level of mechanization and efficiency in urban and rural road cleaning and washing, effectively reducing urban dust pollution, and greatly improving the environmental quality of Jimei.

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