Quotes light inventory accumulation - July auto market sales analysis

The auto market experienced a return to rationality after passing the mid-year exam, and continued to advance toward a desired goal under a strong inertia. Although the performance of various car companies in this exam was uneven, they were all maintained for the second half of the year. With a high degree of fighting spirit, they want to make a big splash. However, affected by the seasonal laws, in the traditional off-season sales in July and August, although each car company has done its best, it still cannot stop the declining trend for consecutive months. Under this general trend, the auto market may start a price war again after August. The rational return is no longer a simple one, but it is even more necessary for the auto market to finally realize its pain in the continuous decline.

Production and sales chain continued to decline, and year-on-year growth slowed

Data show that in July, the overall production and sales of automobiles completed 1.258 million vehicles and 124.40 million vehicles, respectively, down 7.54% and 11.90% compared with June, respectively, an increase of 15.67% and 14.42% year-on-year respectively. From January to July, auto production and sales were completed respectively. 10.213 million vehicles and 10.2062 million vehicles, which were up 43.64% and 42.65% year-on-year, respectively, and the growth rate was down by 5% compared with the previous six months. This is the third consecutive monthly decline in domestic vehicle sales since May of this year. In the off-season of traditional car sales in July and August, the auto market is still difficult to change the past light market, gradually returning to a reasonable and stable return.

In July, the production and sales of passenger cars completed 990,900 units and 9,462,200 units, respectively, down 5.21% and 9.27% ​​respectively from the previous month. Compared with the same period of last year, the growth rates of production and sales were 16.42% and 13.55% respectively. Completed 294,900 vehicles and 297,900 vehicles, a decrease of 14.59% and 19.33% respectively from the previous quarter, a year-on-year increase of 13.23% and 13.55%, respectively, a significant drop from the previous quarter.

Not only that, the car inventory in July is still increasing. The data shows that the domestic automobile inventory cycle has increased from 55 days in June to 58 days, is approaching the industry's general view of the reasonable stock limit of 45 days to 60 days. In order to reduce inventory and promote sales, enterprises and distributors have focused on the price of the knife edge and tried to break away from the embarrassing situation with time-tested price promotions. Whether it is economical, mid-size cars or high-end cars, they have all joined the ranks of price reduction promotions. After the month, the price war in the auto market will intensify.

Shanghai GM regains its title F3 still proudly

Relevant statistics show that in July, the top ten car manufacturers in terms of sales volume were Shanghai General Motors, Shanghai Volkswagen, FAW-Volkswagen, Dongfeng Nissan, Beijing Hyundai, BYD, Guangzhou Automobile Honda, FAW Toyota, Chery and Geely. Sales volume reached 7.32 respectively. 10,000 vehicles, 72,800 vehicles, 62,400 vehicles, 45,500 vehicles, 37,600 vehicles, 3,300 vehicles, 30,500 vehicles, 27,200 vehicles, 26,800 vehicles and 26,200 vehicles. Compared with the previous month, Shanghai General Motors and Guangzhou Automobile Honda Motor Co., Ltd. And FAW Toyota grew faster, other car prices have decreased in different ranges. In July, the above-mentioned ten car companies sold a total of 435,200 vehicles, accounting for 66% of total car sales.

Among them, in July Shanghai GM regained its monthly sales trophy with 73,210 units. From January to July, Shanghai GM completed sales of 513,842 units, a cumulative increase of 62.37% over the same period of last year. The performance was exceptionally strong. Shanghai Volkswagen followed closely. 72,843 sales were runners up. From January to July, Shanghai Volkswas completed sales of 488,639 units, a cumulative increase of 33.14% over the same period of last year. FAW-Volkswagen's July sales completed 62,375 units and finished third, with cumulative sales of 463,971 units from January to July. Compared with the same period last year, the cumulative increase of 30.49%.

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