Analysis of Development Trend of Packaging Machinery Industry in the Next Several Years

Packaging machinery manufacturers are paying more and more attention to the development of faster and lower-cost packaging equipment, and the equipment is developing toward small, flexible, multi-purpose and high-efficiency. This trend also includes saving time and reducing costs, so the packaging community is looking for a combination, simplicity, and portable packaging equipment.
Through imitation, the introduction of technology and capital, and global procurement, China's packaging machinery manufacturing and industrial design have been rapidly developed. Today, China's packaging machinery manufacturers can easily acquire some key components through global procurement, thus rapidly improving the technical level and reliability of the equipment. However, the overall level is still far away from the developed countries such as the United States and Germany.
In the next few years, the development of each industry in China will move closer to the world's advanced level, keep pace with the times, and promote the domestic economy to be stronger. This will also stimulate the market consumption and increase the market demand for packaging machines, so domestic packaging The role of the machine industry in the future will be even greater. As a result, this packaging opportunity will accelerate the pace of innovation as the demand of the market continues to increase. With efficient, energy-saving and environment-friendly packaging machines, it will keep pace with market demand to improve the industry.
In the rapid development of China's packaging industry today, high-end packaging machinery is still dependent on foreign imports, from the 70s of last century, domestic import packaging machinery production line 110. Sterile boxes and filling equipment used in the dairy industry are almost all supplied by a foreign company.
Packaging machinery is suitable for the food, pharmaceutical, printing and other industries, and now the increase in per capita consumption level brings a broad space for the development of packaging machinery in China. While the demand for packaging machinery in various industries is increasing year by year, China's packaging machinery can no longer meet the needs of many industries. Domestic packaging machinery should actively seek better ways of development from the industry's needs. It cannot be measured only by expanding the scale of production. What is more important is the better grasp of the quality of machinery and the improvement of the technological innovation capability of new products.
At present, China's packaging machinery companies have uneven levels of manufacturing technology and weak capabilities, and their development status has not kept pace with market competition. Nowadays, some packaging machinery companies have increased their ability to innovate, actively adjust their product mix, and basically meet market demand, but some products still rely on imports.
From the prediction report of the development prospects of China's packaging machinery industry, we understand that China's packaging machinery is dominated by small and medium-sized enterprises, and it can only proceed with miniaturization and digitization under a lot of financial support, as well as upgrading technology and replacing equipment. Less companies are struggling.
In recent years, as China’s technological level has grown wider than abroad, companies’ investment in R&D has accounted for 1% of corporate sales. Enterprises are difficult to survive, and they can barely maintain at 2%, accounting for 5%. Competitiveness, while the investment for research and development in China is still less than 1% on average.
According to statistics, the national R&D expenditure only accounts for 0.3% to 0.5% of the company's sales revenue, and R&D personnel only account for 3.4% to 4% of the employees. Compared with foreign countries, scientific research investment is seriously inadequate, resulting in a low degree of automation of the equipment industry. The average energy consumption is 4 to 6 times that of developed countries and it is difficult to meet market demand. The performance gap of large-scale complete sets of equipment is even greater. The domestic advanced models are about 1/2 of the advanced level in foreign countries, and the overall technological level is about 20 years behind developed countries.
The improvement of the technical level of packaging machinery determines whether it can meet the needs of the market. In the situation of increasing market demand, packaging machinery companies only strive to improve their own technical level, continue to optimize their own products, and constantly train technical personnel, I believe that in the near future, China's packaging machinery will no longer rely on imports, can go abroad to the world.

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