Electric cars are new products, technology is in a volatile period

As Japan is good at imitating innovation, the main content of government administrative promotion is to create appropriate market demand, actively help enterprises organize cross-industry alliances, and guide the development of comprehensive product technology. Emphasis on the continuity and compatibility of policies. Historically, the government's support for the development of electric vehicles has a strong utilitarian purpose. When the government's objectives are achieved through other means, such as the reduction of fuel vehicle emissions, the temporary relief of the oil crisis, and the reduction of administrative support.

The proposal of a sustainable development strategy will help ensure that the government will support electric vehicle innovation with a long-term and stable policy. Whether the policy is complete or not will affect the final effectiveness. Pay attention to changes in project management methods. From a purely technical and behavioral skill management approach to a management approach that relies on e-commerce, risk management, and systems management.

Adopt international advanced and complex system concurrent engineering, strictly determine the stage goals of the project in strict accordance with the law of automobile product development, and review and release each stage of goals, implementation date and capital use, rolling investment, highlighting key points to ensure the realization of industrialization goals. Link the technical goals with the actual needs of the market, increase the flexibility of the project plan, and shorten the correction cycle of the project plan. Electric vehicles are new products and their technologies are in a volatile period. For example, the development of a zero-pollution pure electric vehicle technology line has shifted toward the development of low-pollution and ultra-low-pollution hybrid electric vehicles and fuel cell electric vehicles.

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