Sculptify David 3D Printer Launches at Kickstarter

In the middle of last month, we had the innovative new David 3D printing, which was designed by Sculptify, the next 3D printer available to users. Instead of using a plastic filament on a reel to create its three-dimensional model of the David 3D printer, use the pellets that are injected at the top of the machine. The David 3D printer project is currently available on the Kickstarter website.
Its creator explains how the 3D printer behind the inspiration works: "After David's development began, we found ourselves depressed and filament current-based 3D printers. We wanted to use 3D printing in many different applications, But it was found that it was eventually limited by the hard, expensive wire spools.Unable to harness all the capabilities of granular materials with current 3D printing technology, we decided to develop our own, which we call Flex (composite extrusion). At its core, Flex is developed through sophisticated technologies from the plastics industry, but with new features and innovations that make it ideal for 3D printing. We constantly test and optimize new materials and Flex technology work. David can now print soft And flexible materials, such as TPU, EVA, etc., standard hard materials, such as polylactic acid and ABS, and even some interesting composite materials, such as wood.With a success, our material library will grow rapidly, including more extensively. The choice of unique and useful materials. "

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