The 2011 Business Conference of the Grand Canal Heavy Truck was successfully held to showcase the best-selling main models

On December 29th, 2011, “Win ​​the Future, Win the Future” Universiade Heavy Truck 2011 Business Conference was grandly held at Airport Resorts. Shanxi Tongda Group and Shanxi Dayun Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Chairman Yuan Qin Shan and Shanxi Dayun Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Chen Huanhuan, general manager (5), like a car, a dice, a dipper, a xuanxuan, a dip, a vinegar, a vinegar, a vinegar, a vinegar, a mash, a vinegar, a smashed vinegar, a stencil maker, a Weichai Power Service Center More than 700 people, including the general manager and the press, gathered together to celebrate this moment of great joy.

"In 2011, our sales target is 20,000 units. We will achieve an annual sales of 50,000 units in 4-5 years, and an annual output of 100,000 units in 7-8 years, and our annual exports will account for annual sales. 20% share.” The chairman, Prof. Yuan Qinshan’s speech with confidence and passion rang out in the General Assembly Hall, indicating the development plan of the Grand Canal Heavy Truck in the next few years.

The general manager of Shanxi Dayun Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. Jiang Yuxiang made a warm welcome speech. Chen Yunhuan, general manager of Shanxi Universiade Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (11), 酃 酃 靖 芫 芫 芫 砹踝 砹踝 砹踝 尽 尽 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 寨 寨 寨 寨 ┧ ┧ ┧ ┧ ┧ ┧ ┧ . . 2 , service policies, etc. The new business policy is based on the principle of allowing distributors to benefit more and more sales to benefit more. It encourages powerful dealers to be stronger and encourages dealers to develop secondary sales outlets. In 2011, the company strengthened the construction of franchised stores and 4S image stores. In addition to increasing incentive policies, a special fund was set up to support dealers in fundraising for infrastructure construction and later operations. Through upgrading the number of dealers and service stations, we will vigorously build the brand image of the Universiade and fully cooperate with the sales target of the Universiade heavy truck in 2011.

In 2011, Shanxi Grand Canal Heavy Truck Co., Ltd. will adhere to the principle of cooperation, win-win and common development, increase policy support and investment, use stronger business policies, vigorously promote brand image construction, encourage brand franchise, support and develop 4S stores, The vehicle sales, personal services, and industrialization of accessories have risen to a new level. In vehicle products, Shanxi Dayun heavy trucks introduced lightweight systems engineering. Through the use of high-strength alloy frame, rubber suspension, aluminum gearbox and other new technologies and new materials to achieve the vehicle's lightweight. It not only maintains the stable and reliable features of the product, but also further reduces fuel consumption and enhances the technical level of the vehicle.

During the conference, the Universiade Heavy Trucks displayed several major models that are currently selling well. Integrated the design of similar products at home and abroad, with independent intellectual property rights such as cabs and a number of patented Universiade heavy trucks, strictly pursuing international quality standards as quality management objectives, and developing markets with high grade, large tonnage, and excellent price At the same time, four series of more than 100 models of tractors, dump trucks, trucks and special vehicles have been developed. People-oriented product development, advanced technology, stable performance, reliable quality, powerful appearance, economic, security, comfort has a very clear competitive advantage. At 3:00 pm, the participants who visited the Universiade manufacturing workshop were even more confident. A dealer from Shaanxi said: “I started from the Universiade motorcycle. At the beginning, my capital was only 4 million. After following the development of the Grand Canal over the past few years, my assets have now reached more than 30 million, and I have only one conviction. That is, following the great fortune, followed by Yuan Dong, certainly not wrong.”

At 20:00 that evening, a gala evening with the theme of “Luck Night” was staged at the airport resort. The magnificent hall was filled with liveliness, and the live performance of the actors on the stage was frequently beaten by applause from the audience. Broken, thrilling acrobatics, unpredictable magic, gorgeous fan dance, if it is not the theme of the theme “Win ​​the world, win the future” on the screen, you will mistakenly believe that you have been on the 2011 Spring Festival Gala recording site. .

The party specially invited two famous comers of Liu Laogen’s comedy stage to come for fun. One was the head of the Liaoning Folk Art Troupe “Country Love III” and “Country Love Story” played by Tang Jianjun who played “Xie Guangkun”. The other was On the stage of “Two Turns”, he was directed by Zhang Yimou, and in the “Three Guns” was the comedian Cheng Ye who was recognized by Zhu Yanping of “Laughing Rivers”. The wonderful performances of the two comedians added to the joyous atmosphere of this celebration. These two were worthy of the proud disciples of Zhao Benshan. They watched the audience with high passion. The duo also took out the unique skills of the end of the game. They spoke, talked, teased, sang and performed in turns, which attracted the audience to the audience. Laughing, I can't help laughing.

The party scene, by the chairman Yuan Qinshan, general manager Chen Huan-hwan 13. 钕璧 钕璧 玖斓 玖斓 玖斓 鹞 鹞 鹞 鹞 鹞 鹞 鹞 艘 艘 艘 艘 艘 艘 艘 艘 艘 艘 艘 艘 艘 艘 艘 艘 艘 艘 艘 艘 艘 艘 insurance policy Looking directly at the 800, 6,800, and 12,000 digital cameras, the winners stated that they will step together with the Universiade, and will record the glorious footprint of the Grand Canal heavy truck with the camera in their hands.

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