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When car rental is accepted by more and more people. Which companies are trustworthy? Is the car rental complicated? What should you watch out for in the car rental process? These problems will also become people's most concern. For this reason, the "Very Car" reporter specialized as a consumer experience a car rental, but also for you to sort out some Raiders, and hope to help friends who have a recent car rental program.


Car rental preferred company must be "seeking source"

There are currently a few thousand car rental companies across the country, but there are only about 20 rental companies with more than 300 cars.

In other words, for car rental companies, we must choose a formal, qualified, similar to China's car rental, Avis car rental, a car rental and other national chain rental car brand, or local famous car rental companies, such as Fuzhou Ji Nuo Leasing Co., Ltd., which uses the Gino Group as a background, all the vehicles come from the new 4S shop owned by Gino Group. All the after-sales maintenance is also based on the 4S store, and the vehicle is guaranteed.

It is worth noting that a small number of car rental companies have the need to temporarily hire private cars to meet the holidays, or that some car owners will be handed over to the car rental company for rental and use during the idle period of their cars. These vehicles are repaired and Daily maintenance can not be guaranteed, so consumers must be clear about the source of the car when renting a car, so as to avoid unnecessary disputes.


Online single-store shop picking up a car

With the rapid development of the Internet, most domestic chain rental car companies have opened many reservation channels such as online booking, mobile phone service terminal orders, and 400 free appointment calls. Customers only need to make an appointment two hours in advance to go to a store or service outlet, and take a car for 15 minutes.

We log on the official website of "Car Rental in China" and found the concise page at a glance. Consumers only need to choose “short rent, self-drive”, “special price package”, “model search”, and fill in the pick-up location, return location, pick-up time, return time, etc., and then select the rental model. Easy to set.

Afterwards, we called the car rental 4006166666 free car rental in China, after entering the car rental business, the service staff will step by step for you to operate, and patiently answer all your questions. It should be noted that China’s car rental regulations require two hours in advance to make an appointment and arrive at the store/service point before it can guarantee that the car will be picked up within 15 minutes, because it takes a certain amount of time to prepare vehicles and wash cars.

It is worth mentioning that there are several situations where it is necessary to increase the cost. First of all, there is no need to increase the cost when collecting vehicles from different places. However, there is a need to charge a certain service fee for delivering a car to a home or picking up a car (in the specified range, different companies have different charging standards, and the car rental fee for Shenzhou is 50 yuan). For example, if you plan to rent a vehicle in Hangzhou, even if you place an order in Fuzhou, you do not need to increase the cost as long as you choose to pick up the car in Hangzhou. However, if you do not pick up a car at a store or service point of a car rental company in Hangzhou, but need to send it to your door, you will need to increase the cost. The same is true for pick-ups at home. Second, there is an increase in the cost of additional products in addition to the body. For example, navigation and insurance, China's car rental regulations stipulates that the rent for one day is 20 yuan, but the number of stores is limited. First come, first served. However, vehicle insurance does not include illegal insurance at present in China (all foreign car rental insurance covers illegal insurance). In addition, it is also necessary to increase the cost of returning vehicles in different places. The charging rate refers to the number of round trips between the two cities, plus a certain amount of labor costs. In this case, the artificial help desk will directly help you calculate, and the network operation directly inputting the corresponding city will also prompt the specific amount.

The procedure for obtaining a car is very simple. Bring “two cards and one card” (identity card, driver's license, credit card) to the car and arrive at the store/service station to get a car in 15 minutes. It should be emphasized that the credit card provided must have a valid period of time within one month, and the amount of credit card will vary according to the type of rental vehicle.

In the process of renting a car, the car rental company will deduct the “pre-authorization” twice in the provided credit card. The first time the car is rented, it will deduct the corresponding “vehicle pre-authorization” based on the rental of the vehicle. The general amount will be related to the rent. Quite, for example, if the car rental is 3,000 yuan, then the amount of credit card can be "pre-authorized" must be more than 3,000 yuan. When you return the car, you can choose to directly use the "vehicle pre-authorization" as your vehicle's rent, you can also choose to pay in cash, and then unfreeze the funds after returning the vehicle within 3 working days. The second time when the vehicle is returned, the car rental company will freeze the “illegal pre-authorization” of 2,000 yuan. If no violation record is found within 30 working days after the vehicle is returned, it will be automatically thawed.

It is worth mentioning that the time and place of returning the car is closely related to the cost, and we must pay special attention to it. In addition to reimbursing vehicles for reimbursement in other places, returning time to the car, if it exceeds the stipulated return time of 4 hours, the rent will be charged on a daily basis.

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Choose a car

Choosing a car, van, or off-road vehicle depends on the number of people traveling and the route. However, most people have a basic requirement for cars: fuel-efficient, skin-friendly, and high-pass.

Everyone who knows how to drive knows that the heavier and heavier the car is, the more fuel-efficient the car is, so the aluminum alloy wheels are fuel-efficient and are suitable for high-speed driving with a good level of stability. They also absorb vibrations and noises in motion. Cars equipped with radial tires are also more fuel efficient and have higher wear resistance.


After choosing a car, the next step is to sign a complete lease contract just in case. It is important to pay attention to the content of the lease contract and specify whether the lease method is to be leased on a daily basis or on a mileage basis, and how to calculate if the excess mileage is leased on a daily basis. The staff of the Avis Rent-a-Car company advises consumers to be aware of the "overtime charge" and "override mileage charge" of the car they rent. Consumers should pay attention to the comprehensive inspection of the vehicles when they pick up the car from the car rental stores, mainly including various vehicle certificates (travel permits, strong insurance certificates) and the appearance of the vehicle. Check whether the car body has scratches or other components with or without damage. .

Vehicle inspection

The last step in signing a contract is to fill in the vehicle inspection form. This is the process by which both parties jointly identify the condition of the vehicle. It is of utmost importance.

First of all, the brakes, steering, and lights that directly affect traffic safety should be carefully checked. It is best to have a certain order when inspecting cars.

First of all, from the appearance of inspection to see whether the car body scratches, the lights are complete, the lock is normal. Then open the lid and check the status of major components such as fuel, coolant, lubricant, brake fluid, battery, and transmission. When there is no abnormality, you can enter the cab to check the operating conditions of the oil gauge, brake, and air conditioner. Finally, to remind everyone to test drive, test drive is to familiarize with and check the working conditions of the clutch, throttle, brakes and engine, but also to quickly familiar with the function and location of each instrument and operating parts.

Curtain Machine

Raschel Curtain Machines, or Raschel Jacquard Machines, are designed to produce quality home textiles and garments fabrics. The separate piezo jacquard makes various pattern designs available, and customers can choose different amount ground bars to get different effects, such as stitch pillar ground, square ground, and diamond ground.

With newer textile demand request from market, we develop TH-5/1F and TH-7/1F Raschel Jacqaurd Machines in recent years. These two machines are specialized in vertical curtains.

Technical Data:

Working Width/Gauge: 134", 200", 242"/ E14,E18,E24;

Working Speed: 50-600rpm (Depends on yarn and designs);

Pattern Drive System: EL Drive;

Yarn Let-off Device: Electronical Yarn Let-off System;

Fabric Take-up: Electronical Fabric Take-up System;

Batching Device: Electronical Batching Device;

Laser Stops Detector;

Online Service Supported.

Details please check machine leaflet.

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