Epichlorohydrin Import and Export Pattern Change

In 2010, the import of epichlorohydrin was reduced and exports increased, and foreign suppliers shifted their export target markets.
According to the national customs statistics, from January to November 2010, China's total imports of epichlorohydrin were 39,465.68 tons, a year-on-year decrease of 24.87%; the total export volume was 17,096.55 tons, an increase of 393.63% compared with the same period of last year.
The market demand for epichlorohydrin in Europe and the United States was good in 2010, especially since the second quarter, overseas suppliers were mainly based on local and Southeast Asian and European markets. China is no longer their main target market; in addition, China's epichlorohydrin supply Adequate, the domestic trade market in the sharp rise to the sharp fall in the process, with the expansion of the external disk space is expanding, foreign suppliers have no shipping pressure, no intention of price promotions, in addition to some of the check-off factories to purchase raw materials processing trade, stable procurement, traders and The enthusiasm of downstream companies for purchasing imported goods has continued to weaken. Both the general trade volume and the volume of goods entering and leaving the bonded warehouses have fallen sharply compared to 2009.
Due to the cancellation of export tax rebates and the ban on the processing of propylene epichlorohydrin, China's epichlorohydrin export business has been slow to develop. However, since June 2010, the domestic trade market has plummeted, and the spread between the market and the import market has continued to widen. The export arbitrage window has opened. Bohui Chemical, Xinyue, Yangnong Chemical and other companies have been active in export, and the number of exports has increased significantly.

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