Xintian Technology expects annual net profit to increase by 40% to 60% year-on-year

[China Instrument Network Instrument Enterprise] On January 15, Xintian Technology announced performance forecast, the company expects net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies from January to December of 2017 to be 147 million to 168 million, which represents a year-on-year change of 40.00% to 60.00%. The industry's average net profit growth rate is 30.98%.

Xintian Technology is the first domestic listed company to cover four kinds of smart watch products. With the increase of the penetration rate of smart water meters, gas meters continue to enter into large companies to increase market share, smart meter replacement, and hot changes are re-introduced. With good results, the 2017 results ushered in accelerated growth. At the same time, the company has actively deployed a smart meter reading system for the Internet of Things. At present, it has completed the docking of standards such as NB-IoT and Lora, and has potential for platform-based companies in smart water, agriculture, and energy.
As a leader in the smart water meter industry, the 2017 company's smart meter business achieved steady growth. With the entry into the major customer water group, the company's smart meter customer structure has been further optimized. In 2017, the company won the bid for Wuhai Haibowan Urban Water Supply Company, Harbin Water Supply Group, Anshan Water Supply Company, Baotou City Water Supply Company, Shijiazhuang Water Supply Company, Urumuqi Water Group, Chongqing Water Supply Company, Zhuhai Water Group, Lhasa. The smart water meter projects of large-scale water companies, such as the Municipal Water Supply Company and the Shenzhen Water Group, have positively impacted the company's 2017 annual growth.
In terms of smart gas meters, large and medium-sized customers are progressing smoothly. The company was nominated for CR Gas in December 2016 and has entered into business cooperation with more than 50 gas companies in the first half of the year. In addition to China Resources, the company has continued to make breakthroughs in the development of large and medium-sized customers such as Hong Kong and Chongqing, and Chongqing Gas. The strategy from small customers to medium and large groups has achieved good results.
In the area of ​​smart water, the company completed the acquisition of a 75% stake in Shanghai Kent, which is an industry leader in the field of electromagnetic flow meters, which helps the company form a complete civil, industrial and commercial smart watch, pipe network measurement product structure and intelligent water technology Solutions to promote the rapid growth of smart water business. In the field of smart agriculture, the company's product system has been expanded to areas such as Hebei, Henan, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Gansu, Guizhou, Yunnan, and Guangxi.
(Source: Guosen Securities, Tonghua Shun Finance, China Finance Network)

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