XCMG light mining dump truck XDM60 offline

Recently, the 60t light load dump truck independently developed by the XCMG Mining Machinery Division was successfully rolled off. The product was born bright and redefined the concept of a “lightweight truck”. Light truck is a 6X4 structure compared to 4X2 classic mine car. It contains the important technical features of the classic mine car and has good adaptability to the mine road. Its high weight utilization coefficient of the whole vehicle and light weight of the car body. The overall vehicle life is moderate, and the price, use and maintenance costs are low.

XCMG light mining dump truck XDM60 offline

Over the years, the 60-ton high-end mining dump truck market has been dominated by foreign brands, and the wide-body dump truck has occupied more than half of the market share at a low price. As mining users increasingly focus on the safety of production processes and the full life cycle cost of equipment, wide-body dump trucks can no longer satisfy users' requirements for higher safety and reliability, and the high selling prices of rigid dump trucks are unacceptable. . XCMG XDM60 light mining dump truck retains the eight advantages of rigid dump trucks. At the same time, it introduces low-cost design concepts for wide-body vehicles. It has many advantages such as wide road adaptability, low operating costs, long service life, and so on. To meet the needs of mine transportation.

The specific power of Xugong XDM60 light truck is higher than that of the market with the same tonnage, with large backup power and strong climbing ability. The whole vehicle adopts caliper disc brake system, low alloy steel welded frame, disconnected steering trapezoid and light weight goods. The speed at full load is 5~10km/h higher than that of similar products in the market, which greatly improves the design life and transportation efficiency; at the same time, the aspect ratio is more reasonable, the lateral stability is high, and the independent front suspension, oil and gas spring, and full hydraulic power steering The adoption of new technologies has further improved driving comfort. (This article is from Xugong)

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Metal Cutting Sawing Machine

The servo position control module of sawing machine system adopts the position control combining sampling interpolation and preview control (the specific control is omitted), which determines the position of closing the feeding cylinder, so that the feeding cylinder just reaches the target position when it stops.

1.Vertical slideway for advance and retreat blade up and down.Cutting feed is steady and cutting tools are of long use life.High precision of saw cutting.

2.The special design for the multi-groups gear drive suits for the heavy cutting and has stable precision.
3.Centralized control button.Easy and simple operation.
Equipped with electric saw protection device.
4.The station structure is firm and vibration is slight. The service life of the machine is long.
5.Cooling liquid automatic criculation to secure the smoothness of cutting surface of work piece.
6. The refrigerant automatic circulation guarantees the piece section to be smooth.
7. Cutting centralism processing, maintenance is easy.
8.Saw pieces are centralized for disposal which is convenient and clean.
9. Suitable area:Hollow pipe,hollow square tube,hollow rectangular pipes,solid shafting,solid square steel.
10. Advance of tool adopts manual mode, the Cutting Machine's head can rotate 45 degree left and right.

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