Twin screw air compressor is common fault handling and maintenance

We are common twin-screw air compressor is a common fault handling and maintenance, maintenance and routine maintenance in general, in addition to replacing the oil and filter there are other prone to other failures, the following we are analyzing.

1, the compressor can not start

First check whether the control voltage. If not, then check the fuse is intact; if there is a control voltage, then check the control relay and time relay operation is normal.

2, poor compressor start

Automatically shut down a few seconds after the boot from the electrical aspects of staff, such as whether the automatic air switch off, the voltage is normal, the intake valve is closed normally (the compressor can not be started with a load), and Y a start contactor and Three-phase motor is normal and so on.

3, the compressor does not supply gas

Check whether or control cylinder operation, if the operation check valve for mechanical failure; if no fault check whether there is load solenoid coil ISV suction; ISV exclusion of the solenoid valve coil and mechanical failure fault, then one investigation where the solenoid valve ISV Sub-circuit.

4, exhaust pressure is too low

First, check the pressure before and after the separation, the regulating solenoid valve and the manual valve 2SV like Leaks; endotracheal inspection and leak the road, whether the butterfly valve fully open, whether the intake regulator is operating normally, the solenoid valve 3SV, 8SV leaks, Pressure switch IPS need to readjustment and so on.

5, due to compressor oil injection and shutdown

First check the solenoid valve 5SV off the oil with or without voltage, the mechanical part is normal; if normal, check the check valve, reassemble or replace.

6, exhaust temperature is too high

Exhaust temperature is generally 80 ~ 95 ℃. Failure to allow sufficient oil to cool will cause the temperature to rise too high to cause malfunction. First check the ambient temperature, compressor lubricants, oil level, oil, cooling fans, moving is normal; then check the oil cooler, the cooler is clean, the thermostatic valve element, cut solenoid valve voltage and the valve body portion Is normal, if the diaphragm is damaged, the temperature control spool does not move, you need to be replaced; finally check the oil filter is dirty or need to be replaced.

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