· Curb car sales bundled consumption

When selling cars, bundling agents and purchasing insurance is a long-standing "hidden rule" in the industry. To curb these bundled sales behaviors, the Consumer Council of Dongguan, Guangdong Province recently talked about local car sales companies.
In the first half of this year, the Dongguan Consumer Council continued to receive complaints from consumers, reflecting that some car dealers, without prior notice, require car buyers not to enjoy the car discount if they do not accept the conditions for the agent to buy the card and purchase insurance. Not even selling cars. Although the media has repeatedly exposed, but the bundling behavior of these car dealers has not only not converged, but has become increasingly fierce.
In the face of the illegal behavior of car dealers, the Dongguan Consumer Council issued a consumer warning to publicly comment on the bundling behavior of auto sales companies, advising them to stop the bundling behavior, and reminding consumers to raise their awareness of rights protection and self-protection. Resist the bundling behavior of the operator.
At the same time, the Dongguan Consumer Council organized a special talk on the special actions of automobile sales enterprises. The Consumer Councils at all levels in Dongguan discussed the automobile sales enterprises in various forms, such as symposiums, centralized interviews or on-site interviews with corporate leaders. 272 homes. During the interview, the staff of the Consumer Council announced to the enterprise the relevant provisions of the Consumer Law on safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, and pointed out that the car companies did not inform them when they sold the car and tied the card fee and insurance premium. The practice of restricting the conditions of car sales violates consumers' right to know, choose and trade fairly. It is suspected of strong buying and selling, and will face severe punishments from relevant administrative law enforcement departments. The staff of the Consumer Council advised auto sales companies to immediately stop similar bundling sales, protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, and create a fair and harmonious automobile market.
The Dongguan Consumer Council also notified the relevant industry associations and asked the industry associations to urge enterprises in the industry to self-discipline and standardize law-abiding operations.
After the interview, the interviewed auto sales companies voluntarily submitted a law-abiding and self-discipline commitment letter to the Dongguan Consumer Council, indicating that they accepted the lesson and consciously abide by the law and self-discipline and standardize their operations. The Dongguan Automobile Maintenance Association is preparing guidelines for the process of selling car specifications to standardize the business operations of the company.
According to reports, after the talks, the bundling behavior of Dongguan auto sales companies has been curbed, and consumers’ complaints about bundled sales of auto companies have been greatly reduced.

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