Robot Industry Welcomes International Testing Next Year

The market will reach trillions of dollars. On the 20th World Robotics and Intelligent Equipment Industry Forum, Qu Daokui, deputy director of the National Engineering Research Center for Robotics and president of Shenyang Xinsong Robots, believes that there are several trillions of robots in the future, but this kind of robots Refers to the next generation of robots. "Most of the robots that China is talking about are conventional robots such as robotic arms. The next generation of robots refers to human-machine collaboration and industrial interconnection, including special robots, service robots, and so on."

Welcome to the international test Qu Dao-kui next year, 2015 will be a crucial year for the development of China's robotics industry, because next year the domestic robotics companies will grow at a high speed, while the global company's layout in China is basically completed and will enter the international market for inspection.

Yang Lan, vice president of the International Robot Industry Alliance and general manager of Hunan Changtai Robots Co., Ltd., also said that next year will be a critical year for Chinese and foreign robots to begin their duel. “If Chinese robotics companies in 2015 and 2016 seize this opportunity, we will be able to gain a foothold in the entire high-end equipment manufacturing industry.”

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