Rainy season car sealant aging

In some areas in the summer, heavy rains and flooding in streets and lanes caused motor vehicles to have problems. After heavy rains, the vehicles repaired by the vehicle repair stations are always on the rise, and the employees must work overtime. Most of the vehicles waiting to be repaired are basically due to flooding or inexplicable water intake, and circuit or engine failures need to be repaired. After flooding the flooded road, it is necessary to check the circuit car blisters, and the engine and the circuit system are most vulnerable to damage. Therefore, the owner must strengthen the inspection and maintenance of the car in the summer rainy season.

Weathering of sealant into the car Even if the car is not immersed in water, it is very likely that problems will occur after the storm. It requires comprehensive inspection and maintenance. After a heavy rain day, the owner of Mr. Luo went to the open-air parking lot to pick up the car. When he opened the door, he found that the driver's seat in front was water and the floor mats were soaked, but the vice driving seats and the rear seats were very dry. Carefully check that the windows and skylights are closed properly. How does rain run into the car? After inspection, it was found that water leakage occurred due to the aging of the sealed rubber near the A column. Therefore, the vehicle owner usually needs to check the sealant of the vehicle's sealing tape, such as the sealing strip of the nearby windshield and other nearby locations. When washing the car, the staff can spray the side of the sealant with a water spray to check if there is water. If there is a problem with seals, it is recommended that you buy a vehicle that has an automobile glass insurance and report insurance replacement. If you do not have an insurance vehicle, you will need to go to the beauty shop to remove the front windshield and replace it with a professional sealant. It is worth noting that it is advisable to check the location of the engine for water infiltration.

Regular inspection of the front windshield at the water tank Modern vehicles are equipped with drainage holes. Normally, the water in the vehicle has a serious impact on the vehicle's machinery and circuit system. However, some old vehicles that used a longer period of time Due to the aging of the sealant on the car, special attention must be paid to the effect.

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