Dongfeng suction sewage truck

1. Pay attention to the quality of the plate, the vacuum sealing degree, and the poor material can easily cause problems such as deformation of the tank body.
2. The choice of vacuum kit, the pressure capacity and the perception of temperature difference.
3, After the choice of lid, according to the local operating environment, temperature and other choices.
4. According to the relevant provisions of the National Development and Reform Commission on the emission of the three exhaust gases of the enforcement countries, the National 2nd vehicle parameter data has been deleted since July 1, 2008 .
The main technical parameters of the product
product name:
Dongfeng bully sewage suction car
Chassis model:
Carriage size:
XX (mm)
Total quality:
6495 (Kg)
Approach/Departure angle:
Rated quality:
1980, 1915 (Kg)
Front suspension and rear suspension:
Maintenance quality:
4385 (Kg)
The maximum speed:
90 (km/h)
Transport medium: liquid dirt, density: 800 kg/m3, effective volume of the tank: 2.5 cubic meters; dimensions of the tank (linear section length × diameter) (mm): 3000 × 1050; optional cab with chassis. The number of quasi-passengers in the cab was 2,3 and the corresponding rated load (kg) 1980, 1915. Protective material: Q235 carbon steel, connection method: the left and right side and the lower part of the protection are welded connection, the rear protection section size (mm): 120 × 50 × 5, rear protection from the ground (mm): 400.
Sewage truck special function description :
1. The use of high-quality carbon steel for the material of the sewage suction tank can be selected from stainless steel and steel liner. Tank metal paint.
2. Sewage suction trucks shall be equipped with imported anti-overflow devices to prevent feces and sewage from being sucked back into the vacuum pump system.
3. The sewage suction truck has a hydraulic lifting and dumping function to facilitate the dumping of various sludges. Moreover, the rear tank door can be automatically opened hydraulically, which is convenient for cleaning deposits, solidification in the tank body, and maintenance and maintenance of the interior of the tank body.
Sewage tank body volume specifications have 2-15 squares, choose the size and type of tank. The first is the 2-4-cubic model, which can mainly be used in small truck models such as Dongfeng Furika, Fukuda Era and Jiangling Shunda, and the vacuum pump is a 45/7000 model.
6-8 cubic sewage suction truck can choose the chassis has Dongfeng Tip 140, Dongfeng Dolika, Dongfeng flat head 145 series, generally the front can both achieve a maximum of 6 cubic volumes, respectively, can use the vacuum pump has 68/ 7000 model, Suizhou 8 tons pump, and Shouzhou vacuum pump X-350 model, 10 square volume models Dongfeng Tianjin series, Dongfeng 153 models, the use of vacuum pumps can use 45/7000 two, Suizhou 10 tons pump, Suizhou Pump XD-420.
1 5 cubic sewage suction truck is generally used in Hangzhou pump 45/4000 model, this pump's main advantage is that suction is greater than the average pump, this is because it uses imported rotary vane. The medium that can be pumped by this kind of special vehicle is also very extensive. Drainage, sewage, and silt in hydropower plants, pig manure with low moisture content are all without any problems. It should be noted that when using this special vehicle, it must be operated according to the standard operating mode. It is not free to operate so as to avoid unnecessary troubles of the vehicle.

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