Crossbar RRAM memory single chip capacity up to 1TB

The memory module created by Crossbar with RRAM (Resisting Resistor Dynamic Memory) technology will increase the write speed by up to 20 times faster than NAND Flash and increase the durability by 10 times. At the same time, it can correspond to 1TB storage capacity in a single chip module with 3D stacking technology. It will correspond to higher storage capacity, and it can also be compatible with existing CMOS pin designs, thus allowing existing board modules to be used directly.
According to Crossbar's announcement, it is announced that the memory module will be built with RRAM (Rapid Resistive Memories) technology, which will correspond to up to 1TB of storage capacity in a single chip module (approx. 200 x 200mm area), and with 3D stacking technology, it can correspond to higher storage. Capacity, and compatibility with existing CMOS pin design, so it can be used directly without changing the organic board design. As for the write speed part, the RRAM memory module will have a 20x faster write speed than NAND Flash and a 10x increase in endurance.
The new RRAM memory module will be used for mobile devices such as mobile phones or tablets, or portable disks, SSDs, even industrial computers that require large amounts of data for temporary storage space, network/heavy data servers, etc., while the overall power consumption is about It saves more power than existing technologies, so it can also be used in wearable devices or secure payment devices to store applications.

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