The compressor cavity has a strong corrosive effect

The shaft end seal of the unit was changed to a steam blockage seal. After the application, it is found that in addition to high energy consumption and difficult control, the biggest problem is that the leaked gas pollutes the control oil circuit, seriously affecting the normal operation of the governor, so that the unit is often not under the control of the governor. Operation, so it is only difficult to adjust the handling capacity of the unit manually. It is very difficult to cause serious accidents, and it also causes serious damage to the components of the unit, which increases the inspection and maintenance costs and affects the normal production of the unit. The shaft end seal of the unit was re-constructed again. Considering the investment cost problem, our company selected the domestically developed double-face dry gas seal. After the application, the use cost is lower, the sealing effect is good, and the reliability is high, even due to some Cause When the unit vibration exceeded the standard, the dry gas seal did not appear to be ineffective. However, it should be noted that the operation of the dry gas seal requires high requirements for the operator, and it must be strictly operated according to the regulations, and the nitrogen pressure is required to be stable.

As a kind of throttling and pressure-reducing shaft end seal, the steam blockage seal has a low initial investment of no more than 200,000 yuan, and uses superheated steam as the sealing gas. The price is low, but the compressor is enlarged due to the large internal leakage. The power consumption, the overall economic benefit is poor; and because of the complex composition of the rich gas, after mixing with the steam, it has a strong corrosive effect on the intercooler or even the compressor cavity, so for the rich gas compressor, the use Steam blocking seals are just a stopgap measure. Floating ring seal is a standard shaft end seal type of high-speed turbine compressor. It has a wide range of applicable working conditions, but it has high power consumption, large internal leakage, complicated control system and high cost. The initial investment exceeds 1 million yuan. The actual service life is not long. The dry gas seal adopts gas-sealed gas, keeps the seal non-contact operation, has low frictional power consumption and high reliability; eliminates the huge and complicated oil sealing system, has no danger of oil and gas mutual pollution, and has low maintenance workload, which is efficient Environmentally friendly and energy-saving sealing products; the price is between the former two, and its technical level is fully mature, and it is gradually replacing other types of shaft end seals. Therefore, considering the comprehensive consideration, it is more suitable to use a double-face dry gas seal as the shaft end seal in the rich gas compressor.

The Multifunctional Hammer Mill is widely used in crushing various biomass wood waste and straw material. The motor and the hammers are directly connected by the coupling. There is no dead angle during the crushing so the finished product is very fine. The corners of the hammers are welded with high hardness material like carbon tungsten alloy. The welding layer thickness is around 3mm. The lifetime is 7- 8 times by normal 65Mn overall quenching hammer. The rotor has made the balance test and can work backward. It`s the best choice to prepare milled material for pellet machine.

Multifunctional Hammer Mill

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