Security monitoring system how to install?

With the popularization of security monitoring systems, more and more installations are monitored at home or even at home. Many customers are in contact for the first time, and many equipment manufacturers only provide equipment and do not provide installation. Customers will have doubts, and they will install it by themselves. What to install, how to install it? Especially for wireless monitoring systems, will installation be difficult?
1. First determine where to install the monitoring location, how many to install, and whether the distribution design is wired or wireless. How much wire should be used for wired connection? Wireless should determine whether the environment is covered and can be avoided. The purchase of front-end cameras, the purchase of transmission equipment, and the determination of the number of back-end hard disk video recorders are followed by a series of purchases.
2. After the monitoring equipment has been purchased, wire the wires according to the location to be installed and the location of the monitoring host. It is best to route the wires from the top of the ceiling without leaving an open wire. If there is no ceiling, you can use pipes or trunking, the overall will be more beautiful. If it is installed wireless monitoring system, transmission and reception should be properly installed. When there is a blockade, you need to find a good stop point, or you can avoid the blockage with the two end high. Relatively speaking, installing a wireless monitoring system is much easier than wired monitoring.
3. After laying all the lines, according to the design drawings, install surveillance cameras and 12V power supply at the monitoring location. The installation of surveillance cameras requires camera brackets and self-tapping to fix them. First, make a hole in the corresponding position on the wall, and then use a self-tapping screw to fix the position of the bracket to ensure that the bracket is firm without shaking, and then install the surveillance camera on the bracket. If it is wireless, it can be installed at the monitoring point pole or fixed place according to the program designed by Lian'an Technology, and it can be fixed with the provided cable tie.
4. After the surveillance camera is installed, you can begin installing the back-end device. One solution is to use a video capture card, install this thing in the computer PCI slot, you can use the computer hard drive to save the surveillance camera video. Another solution is to use a hard disk recorder. This model does not require a computer, but it requires a separate hard disk to store the camera video, using the monitor to display monitoring. The wireless monitoring and wireless bridge connection lines must use ultra-five or six types of network cables. If switches are used, they are recommended to be purchased well. Don't try to be cheap. Because these details will affect the overall monitoring effect.
5. After all major equipments are installed, you can start working on some details, including BNC welding of coaxial cable, power connection of different parts, fixing of circuits, etc. Finishing work, check the line, wireless monitoring angle Is it right? After the completion of power can be debugged.
6. After the power is turned on, you can see the monitoring location of the surveillance camera on the monitor. By adjusting the camera bracket, the monitoring effect can reach the maximum JIA. Wireless monitoring can log on the bridge interface to watch the signal and adjust the signal. If this is not clear, you can call the wireless monitor manufacturer Lean Technology. If no image is displayed after turning on the power, you need to do a good job of troubleshooting in time to see what part of the problem is. Check from each part to make adjustments. Do not worry in the first place when you encounter problems. Generally, it is a small problem. You can handle it step by step.
The equipment and routes are all installed and arranged, and the security monitoring and installation is basically done. By adjusting the camera angle, you can always grasp the situation inside and outside the home. Of course, if you still don't know much about these installations, you can also call Lehman's staff, from installation to commissioning, to all churches. Lian Technology has been built for ten years, good service, good quality, good quality and trustworthy.

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