Want to directly participate in market competition by giving electric vehicles excellent performance

In the market application process, the government's main practices include tax incentives or acquisitions, propaganda and guidance of potential markets to transition to the real market, and creating a competitive environment. The United States Department of Energy organized the National Electric Vehicle Five Community Planning Contest in 1994, which is an example of market guidance. Administrative advancement acts at the end of the innovation chain.

Through the promotion of basic research and market demand to mobilize the enthusiasm of the company, the intermediate link of electric vehicle innovation will be included in the enterprise production system. Because of the macroscopic nature of government actions, it is impossible to precisely control the internal innovation activities of companies, and it is not conducive to mobilizing the enthusiasm of enterprises. Therefore, the administrative plans of foreign countries do not directly interfere with the organization and management of internal innovation. Different national conditions and social benefits, the emphasis and methods of administrative promotion are also different.

The United States has good resource conditions. The government's support for electric vehicle projects is mainly aimed at environmental protection and promoting technological innovation. Therefore, more emphasis is placed on basic research. The U.S. has formulated a continuous driving schedule for electric vehicles that is significantly higher than other countries, and hopes to directly participate in market competition by giving electric vehicles excellent performance. Japan’s resources are relatively poor, and the government, starting from reducing energy consumption and maintaining domestic energy security, believes that the energy efficiency of electric vehicles is not as good as that of fuel vehicles. Excessive performance actually means higher resource consumption for vehicles in terms of manufacturing and use.

The Asphalt Heater applies advanced (SUS304) stainless steel  vortex tube as heat exchange component. With unique heat exchange component and advanced internal process structure, it realizes heat functions of high efficiency, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, fouling prevention, greatly improving the integral performance of the Heat Exchanger.Has a compact structure, small volume, large heat transfer area, long service life, safe and reliable, energy saving effect is outstanding, easy installation and maintenance, which can realize the characteristics of the automatic temperature control, greatly improve the whole performance, and it can`t affect the use of tanks by installation of heater.

It solves the problem of the serious waste of steam energy in asphalt warming in asphalt storage and transportation,and is promoted positively in consumption reducing in the petrochemical industry. This product has applied for national patent (patent no. : 200720029405.3)

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